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Top 10 Reasons Customers Selected Innovapptive in 2016

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Mobile software for Asset Maintenance, Supply Chain and Field Services is key to enabling operational efficiency in your organization. Choosing the right product can be daunting. There are quite a few different technology options for mobile software on the market today. What criteria do you use to make your choice?

Over the past year, we have been asking our customers what made them choose Innovapptive. Through win/loss calls, surveys, Post-Implementation Value Engineering engagements, on-site visits and face-to-face conversations, we've learned a lot about what problems and challenges they wanted to solve with Innovapptive.

We now have a wide range of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers across a wide variety of industries and countries. But their reasons for choosing us are remarkably similar. Maybe their Top 10 reasons will resonate with you.

2x Return on Investment (ROI) in Less Than 6 Months

In several Post Implementation Value Engineering engagements done at the six month mark, respondents credited Innovapptive products with following benefits realized on average -

  • Increased productivity by 31 percent
  • Increase in wrench time by 1.5 to 2 hours daily
  • Reduces spare parts leakage and inventory loss by 8 percent
  • Reduced costs associated with field service or maintenance by 16 percent
  • Increase first time fix rates by 11 percent
  • Decrease average-time-to-repair by 16 percent

In comparison to our competition, Innovapptive’s solutions delivers 2X the Return on Investment with features and functionality that no other solution in the marketplace can currently provide or address.

Rich Feature Set

The Innovapptive solution portfolio comes with a long list of standard functionality and transaction processing capability than the other solutions in the marketplace. Key features that helped customers realize a rapid return on investment include barcode scanning (through cameras and peripheral devices), document and attachment linking, photo and video capture, digital signatures, GPS and GIS integration, wireless printing and comprehensive SAP back-end integration for enable over 100+ business transactions. All our customers felt this was key in selecting an Innovapptive product to meet their mobile business needs for both near term and long term.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Along with performance of the mobile solution, the Total Cost of Ownership was a significant deciding factor why our customers preferred Innovapptive. Several of these customers had already tried other solutions including Syclo Agentry and custom application development and soon realized the initial costs to customize the solution to meet basic functional requirements and ongoing costs was exorbitant. On the other hand, Innovapptive has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) among our competitors. With a fixed bid (time and scope) Rapid Deployment Service, 100% of implementations have been at or below budget. In addition, the RACE™ technology allowed customers to seek user feedback and implement changes in an iterative implementation approach to ensure the solution was a 100% fit to business needs.

Some of the key considerations used to calculate the TCO where our customers benefited most are

  • Low License / Subscription costs
  • Fixed Implementation Costs
  • No Customization fees as RACE™ was used to configure the solution
  • No Training costs
  • SaaS model to eliminate costs of purchasing and/or maintaining hardware or software required (on-premise)
  • Savings from automating processes that are currently manual
  • The cost of doing nothing (opportunity cost)

RACE™ Technology

RACE™ (Rapid App Configuration Engine) provides an agile and flexible framework to help our customers scale rapidly. Innovapptive was awarded the SAP Pinnacle Award in 2016 for our RACE™ technology, and our customers have validated that decision as they put RACE™ to good use. Our philosophy is that every individual customer and industry has different, nuanced requirements for its business systems, and the software should be a way to augment these best practices, not an attempt to eliminate and replace them.

Configurability without Coding

In the past, mobile software from major providers offered little in the way of useful customization. This forced many of our customers to adapt their processes to the software, instead of the other way around. Often, this led to personnel and management abandoning a new system shortly after deployment to stick to what they knew worked for them.

Innovapptive solves this challenge in a unique way with the RACE™ toolkit, which adds to lowering the TCO and improving adoption among users. Some of the configurable changes that can be achieved with RACE™ are -

  • Customize modules: Activate and de-activate specific app features and assign role-based access for different features in the application. This ensures that each field user only sees objects and workflows that are assigned to them.
  • Add New Forms and Screens: Design your own forms and screens within Innovapptive’s mobile solutions.
  • Customize Data Fields: Add, remove or re-sequence data fields.
  • Add New Fields:Map newly added fields on the mobile app’s user interface with SAP table fields (including custom fields).
  • Define Data Fields: Define mandatory or optional fields; text and drop down field types and enable field value descriptions.
  • Customize Business Logic: Change business logic with posting and retrieval of Business Add-Ins (BADIs).
  • Standard Security Validation:Ensure automatic recognition of existing SAP application security by mobile app.
  • Offline Validations: Create validation rules on the app, that are checked even in offline mode.
  • Performance Tuning: Performance Optimization based on data volume, data load intervals & bandwidth configuration (Network Latency)
  • Offline Configuration: Configure what features and datasets are to be cached on the device to be available in Offline mode

Performance in Both Online and Offline Modes

Real-time access to data in both Online & Offline modes was a key decision criteria for customers evaluating a mobile solution, specially for Asset Maintenance, Supply Chain and Field Services. Several customers have validated that access to important information like maintenance orders, attachments, drawings, operations, equipment history etc. will save 20-30 minutes of desk time daily and provide more accurate status of operational workflows.

Role Based Personas

User Interface & User Experience Personas that are tailored to a job role will bring in simplicity & agility for mobile users - something which has always been hard to achieve with SAP software in the past. Customers welcomed and embraced the ability to provide users with a targeted, tailored and relevant UI/UX by roles such as craftsperson, field technicians, plant workers, warehouse personnel, supervisors and planners. Value engineering studies carried out at 10 different customer sites went to show that Role Based Personas drove over 95% user adoption and over 80% reduction in time to make updates. Simplicity improved worker productivity by 8 - 10% on average.



Over 75% of our customers had a global presence with a requirement to deploy the mobile solution in multiple languages. None of our competitor solutions in the market offered the simplicity with which we approached solving the localization requirement. A new language pack can be added to an existing Innovapptive solutions in under 4 hours, with Zero coding skills required. The ability to instantly configure localization requirements like language translations, decimal notations, currency and map translations helped customers scale the solution rapidly.

Cloud Architecture

The Innovapptive mobile portfolio is the only comprehensive mobility suite that offers the flexibility to be easily deployed either as an on-premise solution powered by SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) or on the cloud powered by SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). Leverage key capabilities such as multiple authentication methods, secure access to on-premise and cloud-based systems, offline synchronization, remote logging control and retrieval, automatic app updates, push notifications and much more powered by SMP or HCP.

Additionally, our customers significantly lowered mobile adoption costs by taking advantage of our embedded SAP Mobile Platform runtime licenses or SAP HANA Cloud Platform embedded licenses bundled within Innovapptive’s product license. This significantly lowered their cost of running Innovapptive solutions on the best of SAP’s mobile platform offerings.

Product Roadmap and Support

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why our customers continue to expand their use of Innovapptive mobile software is because of our commitment to build the best in class mobile software for SAP customers. We have a strong product roadmap with over 60% of roadmap items are influenced by customers. This ensures that the product stays current across cutting edge technology enhancements, iOT, automation etc. to drive real business outcomes.

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