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Transformation is impossible, without Change - Keep your employees independent and satisfied

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shutterstock_411117136Employee Self-Service (ESS) is an increasingly prevalent trend in Human Resources Management that allows an employee to handle many job related tasks such as applications for reimbursement, updates to personal information and access to company information, which otherwise would have been in the custody of the management or the administrative staff. ESS software is available as a stand-alone product or as a component of some larger application, such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product.

Focus on contributing to business goals
Eliminate unnecessary maintenance, deployment time, and cost
Successful Human Resources Management starts with securing sensitive information and empowering employees with self-service so you can focus more on your organization’s strategic initiatives. ESS processes increase employee’s productivity and simultaneously save costs. Allowing access to the employees online, companies can manage HR data remotely via internet, eliminating paperwork and unnecessary phone calls, while drastically reducing costs.

Growing numbers of companies are adopting employee self-service applications that reduce human resources paperwork and workload. This enables human resources staff to focus more on strategy and planning. In the small business realm, where owners and certain key employees wear multiple hats, shifting certain functions to workers through self-service applications can enable these key individuals to devote more of their energies to the company’s core business. The potential advantages of adopting employee self-service are wide ranging.

  • Reduced paperwork for human resources departments, benefit administrators and employees.
  • Fewer mundane, clerical-type tasks for human resources benefits staffers, both management and administrative, which frees them up for planning, strategy, communications development, etc.
  • Potential for reducing administrative staff headcount.
  • Increased transaction accuracy, due to reduced paperwork and the ability of self-service systems to recognize and catch certain types of data entry errors.
  • Possibility of employee education and communications, by directing employees to definitions of terms, overviews of plan provisions, and associated learning resources.
  • Opportunity for employee engagement.

Stay ahead -Empower Self Service HR

Change can be hard. But it’s worth it. Do it right and the results should be to achieve an end-to-end interoperable, streamlined workflow; integrated processes and capabilities across all HR activities on one platform. In other words, employees can get to what they want faster and HR can forget workarounds between incompatible systems and focus on what it should be doing, adding strategic value.

Companies need Talent Management and HR systems that are strong enough to meet their workforce needs today, but innovative and flexible enough to adapt as their business evolves and grows. With global competition and market pressure escalating, it’s more important than ever to have modern human capital solutions that are up to the challenge. Self-service helps HR do more with less, and means that they can concentrate on doing more important work such as focusing more on talent strategy to hire and retain employees. This reduces HR operating costs and help move the department from a cost centre to profit centre.

The future is mobile

Today, mobile apps range from the mawkish to the highly functional phenomenon and they're having a very real impact on the face of human resources and employee self-service. ESS mobile apps are available for every level of employee, from your human resource officers to basic employees, and they provide a wide range of different benefits and uses. Using an ESS mobile app unlocks a world of different possibilities for your business and your employees and provides you with a lot of benefits.

  • ESS mobile apps allow employees to clock in and out of work from their smart phones and feature GPS functionality to ensure honesty.
  • It allows workers to monitor their own salary and payroll information without bothering the human resources department.
  • Employees can use the app to submit leave requests to the HR department and to receive responses. They can also review their history of leave and attendance information.
  • Employee benefits can be self-managed through the use of these apps.
  • Employees of larger companies can access the employee directory through these apps and find the person they need to locate quickly.
  • Managers may even be able to use these mobile apps to view applicant data and review applications.

During the journey of Digital Transformation. What gives is higher productivity, better profits, lower costs and most of all employee satisfaction. It really is possible to save money and improve delivery by pushing transactional HR into a self-service environment, but when starting down that road, ensure you give yourself enough time to plan, that your technology integrates seamlessly, and that your implementation team has the complex skills it needs to do the job.

Improve employee satisfaction
Go mobile in less than 4 weeks with mEmployee

Innovapptive's SAP certified mobile Employee Self-Service app (mEmployee) offers the freedom of consolidating all HR related apps on the store into one single unified SAP HR ESS mobile app. This app creates a single and a secure mobile repository for confidential HR information and processes. It provides an easy-to-navigate environment that is accessible by all employees, regardless of where they are located, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mobile app’s access rights for each employee are established by HR and can be configured based on employee's position in the company’s organizational hierarchy, department, and key job functions.

Leverage mEmployee mobile app for “Success Factors” to ensure an intuitive HR experience to your employees, while providing them access to critical HR data to help them process a series of transactions, anywhere, anytime. The mobile solution for SAP's Success Factors (SFSF) HCM suite is aimed to redefine HR success and enhance the overall productivity of the employees that is critical in today’s competitive world. mEmployee’s integration with SAP’s SFSF takes the HR experience to the next level, offering the best of both worlds, it provides truly device and platform agnostic functionality, full native support on all major mobile OS and browser access through SAP Fiori Launchpad, at no additional cost. It offers cross-company employee project collaboration, ensuring seamless communication mechanism across different stakeholders including employees, managers and experts. It also enables employees to collaborate around relevant business content, thereby increasing productivity by helping them stay connected with people, even when they are away from the office. It provides secure access to your data anytime, anywhere. SFSF leverages industry standard authentication, data transport protocols and encryption.
Synchronous updates based on OData technology, minimized Offline dependency and conflict resolution

Our Unique Value Proposition – RACE ™

Our Mobile Portfolio, Rapid App Configurator Engine (RACE) powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with embedded licenses allows our customers to accelerate and execute their SAP Enterprise mobile strategy, while benefiting from a compelling ROI. Innovapptive’s mEmployee solution comes built-in with our configuration toolkit RACE that empowers your IT teams to achieve infinite number of customizations of the mobile apps within minutes, translating to 40% of operational efficiency. It offers high level agility and flexibility that helps in accelerating your enterprise’s time to market without becoming a bottleneck. The simplicity in customizing SAP mobile solutions provides a strong value proposition and dramatically improves the overall TCO and ROI, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience to the next level.

Finishing with these advantages, that truly are materializing for organizations using employee self-service tools. The use of employee self-service has had an appreciable impact on human resource service delivery and a tangible return on the investment in applications and technology. As more aspects of everyday life turn to self-service, we’ve grown accustomed to doing tasks for ourselves. Workers, therefore, are accepting, even welcoming, the ability to control numerous benefits tasks that previously were done by others. Seeing that this move has efficiency and financial advantages for business, it’s likely that employee self-service applications will continue to grow.

If you would like a demo of Innovapptive’s mEmployee(Mobile Employee Self Service) solution, please click on the link. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss with an Innovapptive solution expert, you can reach out to us by emailing us at or you can reach a sales representative at (713) 275-1804.

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