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Using an SAP Mobile Approvals Solution, See How Forest City Enterprises Reduced Approval Cycle Time By Over 150%? Join Webinar

Whitepaper: Connected Worker Strategies to Embrace Social Distancing in the COVID-19 Era - Challenges and Opportunities
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Using an SAP Mobile Approvals Solution, See How Forest City Enterprises Reduced Approval Cycle Time By Over 150%? Join this SAP Webinar to learn how Forest City Enterprises accelerated their mobile journey and mobilized workforce  in weeks 

Webinar: Accelerate Time To Market & Reduce SAP Mobile Deployment & Support Costs By Over 70% 

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See how Forest City Enterprises reduced overall approval cycle time by over 150% See how Forest City Enterprises reduced overall approval cycle time by over 150%


The demand for enterprise mobile apps for different LOB is exponentially rising, but IT departments are often unable to meet this dramatic increase in demand and are faced with daunting challenges to accelerate their time to market.

By utilizing cost effective and configurable pre-packaged and certified Mobile solutions from SAP, Customers like Forest City Enterprises and MARS Chocolate are accelerating their time to market and reducing mobile deployment, development and support costs.

Join this webcast to see how some of the world’s largest companies achieve “Instant Mobilization” and reduce TCO of SAP Mobile Deployment and Support by:

  • Accelerating time to market & value by deploying an array of configurable SAP certified pre-packaged mobile solutions
  • Transforming business processes by empowering workforce with real time insights anytime, anywhere
  • Reducing support costs with simple SAP Configurations to meet dynamic mobile business needs.

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