150+ New Work Instructions, SOPs & Digital Forms Added to Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform

150+ New Work Instructions, SOPs & Digital Forms Added to Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform

HOUSTON – Innovapptive, a Connected Worker and digital transformation provider, has just added more than 150 industry-specific and reconfigurable work instructions, SOPs and a digital forms library to its RACE Dynamic Forms product available on its Connected Worker platform. The library will continue to provide customers more flexibility to protect workers, assets, and revenues during COVID-19. The library of digital forms will greatly expand customers’ data capture, worker safety and environmental compliance capabilities. 

The new, versatile digital work instructions, SOPs and forms library offers more than prepackaged and reconfigurable forms. The forms are divided into groups such as Occupational Health and Safety, Activity Reports, Checklists, Inspections, and more. There are also industry-specific forms geared to oil & gas, nuclear power, mining, chemicals, etc. Combined, they empower customers to better comply with changing regulations, accurately assess risks and threats, rapidly respond to issues and take appropriate action before such issues become problems.

“This latest enhancement gives forward-looking companies the agility and flexibility they need to better protect their valuable workers, assets and revenues,” said David April, Senior Director, Product Management at Innovapptive Inc. “Worker safety and regulatory compliance are increasingly important in the COVID-19 era. Sick workers cannot report to the job, causing production shutdowns and lost revenues. Regulatory non-compliance can lead to preventable worker accidents or deaths, and costly fines, sanctions or even prosecution. The forms library can not only help organizations better address these critical challenges, but also help them better tackle the profit margin pressures, and talent challenges they face with their aging front-line workers”  

The forms library is part of Innovapptive’s connected worker platform and its signature RACE Dynamic Forms (RDF) solution. RDF digitizes the cumbersome paper work instructions, SOP’s, checklists and forms plants use to monitor site maintenance procedures, safety, conduct operator rounds and inspections, issue work orders, etc. Not only are digital forms faster and easier to complete, they’re also more accurate and can convey mission-critical information in real time. And of particular importance in the COVID-19 era, they lessen the chance of exposure to potentially contaminated paper and encourage social distancing.

RDF users can reconfigure the extensive forms library, or they can edit and/or create new forms to meet their ongoing information and compliance needs in less than 30 minutes. The application is easy to use. No coding or programming knowledge or experience is required to modify an existing form or build a new one.

RDF differentiates Innovapptive from its competition in the market. No one else offers such flexible, agile and configurable digital work instructions, SOPs and forms solution that tightly integrates with SAP and IBM Maximo operational data. Innovapptive is the first connected worker platform uniquely designed to connect every field worker with operational data in SAP, IBM Maximo, with work instructions, SOPs and the appropriate people, machinery, and work processes.

To learn more about RACE Dynamic Forms capabilities in the COVID-19, read our latest blog post here and go to the webpage on our website by clicking here.

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