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Connected Workforce The Next Generation Platform that Minimizes Plant Outages & Improves Safety

Innovapptive’s connected workforce management platform features integrated, field-ready mobile applications to enhance interconnectivity, maximize the value of data, automate core processes, and optimize your organization’s most important workflows.

Change the Way You Look at Challenges

Sustained profitability is particularly difficult for asset-intensive organizations. Executives must oversee complex global supply chains, expansive asset inventories, and field operations that send technicians to hazardous or remote locations–often without internet access. Heading into the new industrial era, leadership teams worry about how lack of visibility, agility, and connectivity will impact safety, compliance, and productivity.

Innovapptive’s Connected Workforce Platform™ uses built-in integrations to connect your SAP®, IBM Maximo, and other back-office systems with advanced mobile applications. By combining these powerful tools, organizations can bridge communication and information gaps between executive teams, field technicians, plant operators, warehouse operators, maintenance engineers, and back-office staff. Connect data points across cloud and on-premise networks to quickly and easily:

  • Draw powerful insights
  • Identify cost-savings opportunities
  • Make calculated business decisions
  • Respond quickly to trends or problems

To ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your operations, we built a Rapid App Configuration Engine (RACE™) directly into our mobile Connected Workforce Platform. This sophisticated configuration toolkit gives developers and non-developers complete freedom to customize mobile environments without any coding experience.

Optimize, Innovate, and Evolve

Innovapptive’s Connected Workforce Platform will mobilize your workforce, digitize mission-critical information, automate day-to-day tasks, streamline processes, and provide real-time visibility into all areas of operation. With total transparency and connectivity, executives will have the insight necessary to eliminate inefficiencies, lower operational costs, and increase profitability.

In heavily-regulated, high-risk industries such as oil & gas, mining, chemical, and manufacturing, heightened visibility and control are paramount to safety and compliance initiatives. Our solutions will also empower leadership teams to:

  • Closely monitor employees, assets, and equipment across different locations and facilities.
  • Address safety concerns and develop proactive compliance processes.
  • Develop the foresight to identify and eliminate risks before they escalate.

Mobilize Your Workforce. Maximize Results.

On average, our users see:
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18% reduction in downtime and production delays

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25% improvement in wrench time and work capacity

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35% reduction of maintenance backlogs

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5–10% decrease in inventory carrying costs


Ready to Reimagine the Future?

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