Visual Planner Delivers More Efficient Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Visual Planner Delivers More Efficient Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

HOUSTON – Connected Worker pioneer Innovapptive now offers a cloud-based digital maintenance planning and scheduling solution, Visual Planner, to support asset-intensive companies in performing the full maintenance work execution cycle in the easiest and most efficient manner. Available on SAP PM, Visual Planner consists of graphical applications that help organizations implement the most efficient multi-week scheduling process, ensuring the maintenance required to prevent asset failure is always completed on time while maximizing labor productivity.

The Visual Planner Digital Platform enables long-term and short-term maintenance work scheduling based on asset uptime requirements and resource availability. It is an SAP cloud-based application connected to the client’s SAP backend. This architecture follows SAP’s approach of keeping the core clean and being a single source of truth for the entire organization.

Visual Planner works in conjunction with Innovapptive’s flagship mWorkOrder to give planners and schedulers greater flexibility and control over this critical stage of the maintenance process.

“Effective, proactive maintenance planning and scheduling is the first step in reducing revenue-draining downtime incidents,” said Innovapptive CEO Sundeep Ravande. “Visual Planner cuts the costly delays and wasted time associated with spreadsheet scheduling methods. Plant maintenance schedulers and planners gain real-time visibility into resources and asset availability. They can now move faster to scope projects, and assign people and materials, giving them greater agility even in an emergency.”


Visual Planner’s Benefits

Proactive planning and scheduling forms the foundation of every industrial maintenance program, to get out of the reactive mode and eliminate emergency breakdowns.

“Greater real-time visibility gives managers, planners and schedulers a much clearer picture of which assets need maintenance,” Ravande said. “A majority of facilities today simply don’t know what needs maintenance or when; that’s a recipe for unplanned and unwanted downtime. Visual Planner is a tool to ensure assets get the repairs, upgrades and enhancements to keep them running and revenues flowing.”

With an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, planners and schedulers can: 

  • Perform capacity planning and long-term work leveling
  • Put in place an efficient multi-week rolling schedule based on business plan requirements 
  • Approve and lock next week’s schedule 
  • Check parts availability and perform kitting
  • Assign a full crew to a shift in seconds
  • Monitor schedule compliance rigorously


The Case for Visual Planner

The Case for Visual Planner

Source: Aberdeen Research 

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Visual Planner is part of Innovapptive’s Connected Worker platform. The platform helps companies improve asset management and warehouse management processes. Click here to schedule a demo.

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