Empower Your Finance Team withTotal Visibility and Control of Assets

Innovapptive’s mobile technology works in tandem with SAP Finance to deliver real-time visibility into your organization’s fixed assets. Monitor return on important investments, discover cost-saving opportunities and keep a constant pulse on your balance sheet.

A Powerful Merger of Financial Management Tools

Finance executives don’t want capital unnecessarily tied up in excess inventory, inefficient maintenance, and high carrying costs, but they also don’t want to compromise performance by becoming an inventory miser. Without strategic digital technologies that provide greater visibility into asset performance, fixed asset inventory, and the allocation of funds, making responsible investment decisions is exceedingly tricky.

mAssetTag is an advanced application that tightly integrates with your SAP Finance (FI), SAP Controlling (CO), and asset management modules to create total visibility between crucial business activities and the state of your organization’s financial wellbeing. mAssetTag is BYOD compliant and built on cross-platform UI technologies for complete compatibility with all tablet or smartphone devices and platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows.

Track real-time fixed asset inventory and track asset spend and capitalization. Merge with EAM and supply chain processes to optimize fixed asset management, and view asset summary reports, asset master changes, and capitalization - all in one place.

Finance and Asset Tracking
Made Easy

Our powerful finance application is SAP Certified and optimizes inventory and reconciliation duties across multiple sites. The mPower application works seamlessly with our mAssetTag app and eliminates the need for heavy RFID equipment when reconciling company assets.

Use mAssetTag to simplify processes and error proof data entry. Create documentation and assurance that the fixed asset inventory you have matches financial records, and gain precise, real-time visibility over activities that impact financial decisions.

Optimize your Fixed Asset Management. Deliver Accurate Results

  • Gain better control over your assets with higher levels of visibility
  • Improved life cycle planning for your fixed assets
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations and corporate governance requirements
  • Reduce overpayments on property taxes & insurance of ghost assets

Ready to Up the Ante on Your Organization’s Financial Wellbeing?

Innovapptive mobile finance application paired with SAP Finance and fixed asset inventory solutions will give you total visibility over your most important investments. Request a demo to learn more!