Revolutionize Inventory and Warehouse Management with Powerful Mobile Technology

The mInventory application is a highly configurable, SAP® Certified product that empowers your inventory & warehouse management teams by delivering real-time visibility and control into the palm of their hands.

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Simplify The Process and Take Back Control

Getting an accurate read on supply levels, tracking demand, and controlling costs are increasingly difficult activities for inventory and warehouse management. This is especially true in today’s globalized marketplace, where inventories and stocks span across multiple locations and facilities in different states and countries.

Innovapptive’s mobile solutions integrate seamlessly with SAP Inventory Management, SAP Warehouse Management, and SAP extended warehouse management to digitally transform the way you oversee products, parts, and resources. With the ability to monitor precise inventory data on the go, perform daily inventory transactions, and share data with SAP Inventory Management and SAP Warehouse Management software, organizations can use real-time stock data to inform business activities.

Quickly perform cycle counts from the warehouse floor. View and cross-check information across multiple locations. Replace cycle count sheets, pick tickets, and scratch pads with a remarkably intuitive digital environment. Seamlessly transfer assets from one location to another, and track stock movement with precision across plants, storage locations, trucks, and bins.

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Ensure Precise Tracking and Paperless Management of Inventory

The mInventory solution is an SAP Certified solution for Inventory and Warehouse Management that helps you make more informed decisions and improve business operations while reducing expenses.

Simple User Experience

To speed and simplify your work, the mInventory solution offers fully optimized, role-specific feature sets for each platform. That way you don’t suffer from reading tiny screens cluttered with excess details, while keeping the most important information easy to read and use on any kind of device - smartphones, tablets, rugged handhelds or desktops.

Barcode Scanning to Automate Data Entry

Scan 1D or 2D Barcodes and QR Codes to ship & receive inventory using any handheld devices including mobile phones, tablets, external peripherals and ruggedized hand held devices. Whether performing goods receipts or goods issues and transfer posting; viewing inventory & warehouse stock levels, performing inbound/outbound transactions and completing physical inventory counting, mInventory can do it.

Mobilize Inventory Management. Maximize Results.

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by as much as 10%.
  • Accelerate receipt and backorder reporting by over 35%.
  • Manage inventory movement in real time and improve inventory accuracy by 30%.
  • Expedite physical and cycle counts with 98% accuracy of inventory levels.

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Ready to Digitally Transform Your Inventory & Warehouse Operations?

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