Introducing the mPower™ AppSuite

Innovapptive is an SAP certified enterprise mobility development and service partner. Our main product is the mPowerTM Poduct Suite. We provide cross-platform industry specific mPowerTM products which resolve challenges with simplified methods for every Line of Business. Innovapptive Inc., is laser focused on delivering justified business value for your company’s ROI. Our products help you to leverage your economics and scale to impact your bottom line.

Our products are built on foundations to resolve business critical challenges and also to leverage the economies and scale to impact your bottom line. Innovapptive products resolve your key business challenges, and puts you in the forefront with the thought of driving value to maximize revenue.

Our strategy by delivering measurable value proposition is to drive revenue through Innovating, transforming and empowering enterprises using mPowerTM products.

Innovapptive Products

  • Innovapptive Suite of Enterprise Mobility Applications
  • Accelerated SRM Solution


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