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Adopt Mobile Operator Rounds for Greater Productivity and Visibility

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Adopt Mobile Operator Rounds for Greater Productivity and Visibility

Digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have option. It’s rapidly becoming a necessity. Asset-intensive industrial and manufacturing plants want greater productivity and operational visibility. A mobile operator rounds solution satisfies those needs.

How? By digitizing plant operations and safety functions, eliminating outdated legacy processes like paper forms. In this blog, you’ll learn how Innovapptive’s enhanced mRounds solution boosts operator productivity and delivers a more accurate picture of current plant conditions.

Do These Operator Round Pain Points Sound Familiar?

Plants conduct operator rounds to clarify conditions, such as during a shift handover. In this example, they tell incoming supervisors and operators what has happened during the just-ended work shift. Unfortunately, many plants and facilities don’t get the information they need. They’re left with incomplete or old data that does little to support informed decisions on action to be taken.

This is due to many plants still conducting rounds using paper forms or checklists. Paper is simply outdated in this modern digital age. There’s no good reason to use paper forms because they:

  • Are time-consuming to complete and contain numerous errors
  • Offer limited visibility and accessibility
  • Don’t deliver real-time insights
  • Are inefficient for reporting and analysis use
  • Increase compliance risks
  • Have potentially negative environmental impacts

Innovapptive’s mRounds Addresses Operator Rounds Pain Points

Innovapptive is a global leader in the development and deployment of enterprise-connected worker platforms. The company recently launched an enhanced mobile operator rounds enterprise solution. This solution - mRounds - can be used as a standalone Cloud-based SaaS application or, if preferred, can be tied into a back-office ERP.


mRounds offers many competitive advantages. That’s because it’s an enterprise solution rather than a point solution. Point solutions don’t deliver APM and ERP integration, such as with SAP and IBM Maximo. mRounds seamlessly integrates APM, ERP, or Connected Asset (IiOT) data in the application. 

At the same time, it also enables operators to record and upload observations, issues, and alerts directly from the field. Only Innovapptive offers this capability. This is an important market differentiator. It means enterprise customers can effectively bring their connected assets, frontline workers, and back-office together to improve productivity and uptime.

Point solutions typically only address a single pain point or problem. They’re limited in scope. In contrast, enterprise platforms like Innovapptive’s mRounds offer much greater flexibility and agility. They can solve multiple problems and pain points across an organization. 

mRounds, for example, facilitates the building of customized workflows to replace repetitive, manual processes – like paper-based data collection and manual data entry. In addition to automating processes, mRounds improves connectivity, collaboration, frontline worker productivity, process control, and more.


mRounds’ Mobile Operator Rounds Features

mRounds delivers an array of distinctive features. These empower supervisors to build customized rounds to respond to changing plant needs and regulatory requirements. No prior coding knowledge or experience is needed.

mRounds lets operators quickly complete a round. Such speed gets information into the hands of supervisors faster, enabling operators to get back to their primary duties. Finally, they deliver accurate, real-time data on current conditions, giving decision makers greater visibility and insight for better choices.

mRounds offers several distinct advantages that set it apart from other solutions now on the market:

  • Easy configuration to meet your unique needs - Customize mRounds to local geographies, specific end-user roles, and more. No previous technical knowledge or coding experience is required.
  • Completely digital solution - Get rid of paper forms and binders. mRounds work on mobile devices and wearables.
  • No back-office system is required – mRounds can operate as a standalone, Cloud-based solution untethered to an ERP. This can reduce operating costs and provide greater utility in use. The application can be integrated with an ERP if needed.
  • Intuitive and easy to use - Frontline workers can be productive immediately as the solution requires little or no training. mRounds' superior user experience promotes high user adoption rates.
  • Get up and running instantly – mRounds can be deployed in as little as two weeks, providing a rapid time to value.

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