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The AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform: The Future Is Now for the Chemical Industry

The AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform: The Future Is Now for the Chemical Industry

AI’s Evolution in Asset-Intensive Industries

Since the onset of automation in the 1960s, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have transformed asset-intensive enterprises like the global chemical industry. Companies now leverage the AI-driven Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enhance frontline worker productivity and workforce engagement, moving far beyond simple automation.

The Hype Cycle for Frontline Workers report highlights the rise of connected worker platforms and signals a paradigm shift with exciting future possibilities.


AI-Powered Connected Worker Platforms are Crucial to Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned equipment downtime has a substantial financial impact on a modern chemical plant. A single hour of lost production can cost $100,000 or more​, according to industry sources. Traditional maintenance processes do little to detect early and prevent costly downtime incidents. A new approach is needed in an age featuring powerful automation tools and artificial intelligence. AI offers a solution.

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At a typical chemical plant, around half of the fixed costs are allocated to maintenance, with unplanned equipment failures being the most significant contributor to production losses. The chemical industry loses an estimated $20 billion a year due to downtime. As a result, chemical executives are actively pursuing new ways to maximize the potential of all resources, both human and machine.

One of these new methods is AI. A recent survey by Deloitte revealed that 94% of industry leaders said AI will be critical to the success of their organization over the next five years. The survey shows that chemical companies are quickly moving from individual, separate solutions to a unified digital approach that connects systems across their entire operations. This integration reduces unplanned downtime, boosts frontline worker productivity, speeds up innovation, and aids better decision-making.

Here's where AI-powered connected worker platforms come into play. These platforms bridge the gap between frontline workers and technological advancements, fulfilling the crucial need to combine human expertise with cutting-edge technology. They leverage real-time data to generate actionable insights and foster a continuous improvement mentality, echoing the principles of Kaizen philosophy.

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These platforms blend human expertise with advanced technology, leading to greater efficiency, less downtime, and a stronger, more competitive chemical industry. Let’s take a look at one such platform.

Innovapptive’s Industrial AI-Driven Capabilities

Innovapptive stands at the forefront of addressing industry challenges in plant maintenance, operations, and warehousing. Our AI-powered solution for SAP Plant Maintenance simplifies maintenance processes, reduces Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and boosts operational efficiency.

Key Innovapptive industrial AI features supporting intelligent workflows and automation:

  • AI Digital Assistant: Offer your frontline workers an intelligent assistant that offers instant troubleshooting, real-time guidance, and easy access to key documents, keeping asset downtime low and operations smooth.
  • Gen AI Form Builder: Using Gen AI, create thousands of SOPs and inspection checklists in minutes. Digitize your old paper forms to boost accuracy and efficiency.
  • Asset 360 Dashboard: Get a quick, comprehensive snapshot of your assets’ history, past work details, and current conditions, while keeping tabs on expenses and issues — all in one place, with smart suggestions.
  • Advanced Computer Vision Technology: Skip the manual inspections and pesky errors! Our app's super-sharp camera catches even the smallest signs of wear and tear. By identifying these issues early, we turbocharge the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of your assets, keeping them running smoothly. This translates to maximum productivity and safety for your operations.
  • Risk Matrix-based Prioritization: Take control of your inspections and maintenance like an expert. Save time and money by prioritizing high-risk equipment and allocating resources efficiently.
  • Automated Shift Handovers: We ensure smooth handoffs during shift changes and maintain a constant flow of information between teams, avoiding disruptions. It's like having an eagle eye for audits – catching every detail to dramatically cut compliance costs.
  • Intelligent Unified Platform: At the heart of our platform lies Innovapptive’s patented RACETM solution that lets supervisors configure and customize operations through a simple WYSIWYG interface.

But wait, there’s more! Seamlessly integrate third-party systems for a fully connected worker experience, with deployment speeds up to 10 times faster.


Driving Better Outcomes with an AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform

From a return on investment (ROI) perspective, AI-powered, mobile asset management solutions like Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform offer tangible benefits:

  • Enhanced Frontline Worker Productivity: Increase wrench time by 15-20% by streamlining work order processes.
  • Risk Mitigation: Cut unplanned downtime by 17-22% with AI algorithms predicting disruptions.
  • Efficiency Boost: Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by up to 20%, enabling quicker repairs.
  • Cost Savings: Minimizing losses from human error and communication issues improves profitability.
  • Elevated Workforce Engagement: Frontline workers adopt AI-powered tools, boosting their skills and independence while adding more value to their roles.

Source: Innovapptive Customer Data - Q1’24.

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