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Build vs. Buy: Does a DIY Mobile Connected Worker Platform Make Sense?

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“If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

This adage gets proven right daily. If you’re handy under the hood, it makes sense to change your spark plugs or fuel filter rather than pay someone else to do it for you. If you're skilled with tools, it's a smart move to install your dishwasher rather than hire a contractor. However, if you're an IT professional, manager or CIO, is it a good idea for you or your staff to devote the time and resources to build a do-it-yourself (DIY) mobile Connected Worker platform versus buying one from a vendor? It depends.

Reasons to Build a Mobile Connected Worker Platform In-House

A CIO’s ultimate objectives at any organization include:

  • Improving efficiencies 
  • Cost control
  • Enabling additional revenue generation

  This important decision-making role also encompasses: 

  • Shaping the company’s technology vision
  • Creating an ecosystem
  • Future-proofing the organization 
  • Prioritizing goals and activities

A CIO sees how digital transformation is revolutionizing the industrial and business landscape and understands it has the potential to help the organization reach its goals. A mobile Connected Worker platform can help the company achieve:

  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Boost collaboration
  • Increase productivity   

A CIO employs an IT team to ensure the company’s digital assets are working properly. An IT team represents a considerable investment in people and skills and any CIO naturally wants to get a high ROI from that team. The IT team is already employed by the company, has considerable expertise and knows the company’s business and processes. It makes sense if anyone can build a mobile Connected Worker platform tailor-made to help the company reach its efficiency goals and objectives, it would be the in-house IT team rather than a third-party vendor.


Other Considerations When Deciding to Build vs. Buy a Mobile Connected Worker Platform

From a pure logic standpoint, using the IT team is certainly a reasonable conclusion. They have the tools, inside knowledge of the company and the talent. Why wouldn’t it be cheaper and quicker to do the job in-house rather than buying a solution from an outside vendor? But those aren’t the only factors to consider in a build vs. buy equation. Lots of other things can complicate the arithmetic, as shown in the following infographic.

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself:

  • Will the DIY platform enough features to solve your problems?
  • Will it work when activated?
  • If not, how long will it take to ensure it’s functioning properly?
  • Who will perform day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting and upkeep?
  • How will you keep the platform up-to-date to meet future challenges?
  • Will it be ready when promised?
  • Will it provide the best overall ROI vs. a third-party solution?

That brings us back to the beginning of this blog. Is it true that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself? Let’s examine the other side of the build vs. buy equation for an answer.

Why a Third-Party Solution May Be a Better Mobile Connected Worker Platform Choice 

If you’re a CIO or other key IT decision maker, you’re loyal to the team you’ve created. But as a key decision maker, you have the responsibility to do what’s in the best overall interests of the organization. That can include looking at potential third-party solutions. It’s not a reflection on your team or their abilities to consider other alternatives to building an in-house mobile Connected Worker platform.

The question is, will it be faster, more efficient and cheaper to build an in-house solution or go to an outside vendor?

If you build a mobile Connected Worker platform on your own, you’ll be starting with an empty slate. You and your team will have to evaluate business requirements, execute coding and perform testing to ensure everything is in place. To do this, you’ll have to either reallocate time, money and resources from your existing IT commitments or hire additional staff.

An outside vendor faces no such problem. Your team’s mission involves supporting the day-to-day IT needs of your organization. That’s already a full-time job as it is. A vendor’s mission involves providing workable and affordable solutions for clients. It’s not far-fetched to assume the vendor has already jumped all the hurdles of:

  • Building a platform from scratch
  • Testing it
  • Installing it on-site
  • Overcoming bugs
  • Integrating it with existing software
  • Supporting the solution
  • Making it secure
  • Upgrading it
  • Ensuring it provides suitable ROI

Does it still make sense to do it yourself?

Instead of a DIY Mobile Connected Worker Platform, Go With the Pros 

Innovapptive, a mobile-first digital transformation provider, is an expert in developing mobile Connected Worker platforms. It’s all we do. Our solutions cut costs, increase revenues and improve user experiences.

Innovapptive has put in years of research (research you’d have to do yourself), so we understand the unique needs and pain points of companies like yours. Our solutions are customizable, easy to use and proven in the field. Why spend the time, effort and money simply to duplicate something already available and ready to use right now?

Rather than going it alone, enjoy these benefits with Innovapptive:

  • Few clicks operations – simple and superior UI/UX on a native OS
  • Work anywhere, anytime – functions in Online/Offline modes
  • Use on any device – runs on iOS, Androids, Windows, Wearables and Desktops
  • Integrates with legacy systems (SAP certified) – there’s nothing else to buy and nothing to replace to start using the solution
  • Highly agile – configure and personalize workflows by geography, role or user
  • No code/low code – our patented RACETM technology means front-line supervisors can configure the solution as needed, leaving your staff to concentrate on IT needs
  • No need for large support staff – we'll provide the help you need when you need it 
  • Easy scalability to grow with you – evolving business needs need not turn into lengthy development projects
  • Be live in 12 weeks – prepackaged fit for purpose solutions that work right out of the box 
  • Near universal adoption rate – ensures you’re getting a proper ROI

You don’t have to do it yourself to get the job done right. Partner with Innovapptive. To learn more, schedule a free demo today by calling 844-464-6668 or by clicking here.

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