Does My Warehouse Really Need A Connected Workforce?

The answer to the question? It depends! How many employees do you have? If you only have a handful, then you may not get a large return on your connected workforce investment. However, if you are an asset-intensive organization, building a connected workforce can provide your company with many great benefits. A Connected Workforce can help you drive productivity, simplify management and consolidate spending.

In a highly technologically advanced environment, we have seen enterprises integrate cyber-physical systems, IoT, cloud computing and cognitive computing – the very key elements of Industry 4.0. Today’s revolutions last only as long as it takes for an industry wide-implementation. Now, Industry 5.0 is closer than we think, with a focus on the return of human intervention into the industrial framework. The rise of automation signals the need for a seamlessly connected workforce to achieve desired outcomes.

If you value a productive, connected and inspired workforce, implementing Connected Workforce technology will be a smart move. It can support humans across a wide range of functions needed to improve warehouse productivity.

Here are some other benefits that a Connected Workforce can deliver to your daily warehouse operations:

1. Improved collaboration

Create a modern environment where workers are equipped with the right information and tools. Incorporate collaboration tools, including chatbots or Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, into your workflow for increased worker satisfaction and productivity on any device. Real-Time Collaborative Workflows such as FaceTime allow two-way communication between factory floor workers and remote experts enabling a more responsive, efficient and customer-centric approach in the warehousing industry. This improved collaboration in a Connected Workforce will transform reality into an interactive space wherein data and information about the warehousing processes can be accessed by every employee.

2. An engaged and enabled workforce

Ensuring your field workers are empowered with the right connected solutions transforms them into intelligent assets that perform operational excellence. Build a Connected Workforce and create a more personalized and human experience for employees and customers. Simplifying the warehouse worker interaction and workflows, for example, through a variety of meaningful interactive touch points will allow efficient collaboration from higher-level authorities up to lower task management in floor operations. With real-time collaborative workflows, your workers can supply contextual support while feeding back real-time data, which improves the flow of information allowing them to complete their tasks more efficiently than before. Workers can perform warehousing tasks like order picking hands free leading to faster fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction.

3. Opportunity to reskill employees

As leaders implement digital transformation, the right resource will equip connected workers to make smart decisions in situations that matter most to your business. Factory floor workers are often isolated from the efficiency gains of a digital transformation. However, through highly-interactive touch points solutions, enterprises can reskill and upskill workers allowing them to practice creativity and ingenuity while working with multiple robotic systems. Arming them with industry best advancements and practices would take their performance to the next level and bring you one step closer to warehousing excellence.

Innovapptive offers a Connected Workforce Platform. With Connected Workforce, warehouse staff and technology work together and communicate with each other to complete daily warehouse operations. Governance, streamlined user-experiences and automation assistance come together into one platform to allow informed decisions and increased operational efficiencies.

Collaboration video, AR, drones and chatbots are four technologies that form part of the Warehouse Connected Workforce. An important consideration for enterprises will be selecting the platform to manage this diverse range of new technology, such as Innovapptive’s easy-to-use Rapid App Conversation Engine (RACE™) platform.

Find out how you can see instant value with a high-performance mobile inventory and work order solution.   Watch the below webinar to know more.

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Does My Warehouse Really Need A Connected Workforce?
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