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Four Big Benefits Utility Enjoyed after Adopting a Mobile Inventory Solution

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Is your warehouse running as smoothly as it should? Are your inventory counts accurately reflecting what’s in your storerooms? Are your carrying costs higher than ever? Are you swamped by a cumbersome paper-based process?

That’s what Loudoun Water recently faced. This public utility serves 80,000 customers in rapidly developing northern Virginia. Its warehouse had trouble keeping pace with such fast growth. An inefficient workflow led to inaccurate inventories, caused higher costs and hindered productivity. 

The utility needed a more efficient way to run its warehouse. The organization wanted a solution that would streamline its work process, boost inventory accuracy, cut costs and get rid of paper. Loudon Water looked at several possibilities before turning to Innovapptive, a mobile-first digital transformation provider. 

They worked together to craft a plan that met Loudoun Water’s requirements:

  • Greater visibility into warehouse operations
  • Higher-value, real-time data on which to base decisions
  • Improved workforce capacity
  • Elimination of its paper process 
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Reduced costs

Using Innovapptive’s mobile mInventory solution, Loudoun Water’s inventory accuracy rose 50 percent. It also enjoyed three key productivity benefits, among others: 

  • 50 percent drop in cycle count times
  • 40 percent decrease in issue times
  • 30 percent drop in receiving times 

Learn how Loudoun Water achieved these results and more in a free hour-long webinar recently hosted by Innovapptive. 

Ken Harvey, Loudoun Water’s manager of warehouse operations, explains how his firm collaborated with Innovapptive to understand the challenges. He discusses how they arrived at an efficient, cost-effective solution – one that uses native mobile devices and the power of digital transformation. 

Click here to view the webinar and discover how your organization can benefit from a similar solution. 


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