Four Questions to Ask about Legacy Systems Before Starting a DIY Mobile Solution Project

In this blog, we’ll critically examine:

  • The four common questions you need ask about legacy ERP systems before you build or buy a mobile asset management application.
  • Why an in-house solution may or may not work with a modernized or upgraded ERP system.
  • How Innovapptive's SAP-certified solutions can work with legacy ERP systems and upgraded ones, relieving the worry over integration.

For many organizations, the legacy ERP systems that help run their mundane business operations aren’t going anywhere. Why keep a legacy system when newer, faster ones are readily available? Perhaps the company spent a lot of money on that system and can’t replace it until they recoup the investment. Maybe the organization fears replacing a long-standing, familiar system would cause business and operational disruptions. Finally, the company may be perfectly happy with its legacy system and just feels no need to change. 

Now some of these same companies – maybe including yours – are considering joining the digital transformation revolution by building their own do-it-yourself (DIY) mobile asset management application that will run using a legacy ERP. Is that ultimately a good idea? Especially in an era of rapidly advancing technology?

If you’re one such a company, here are four key questions that need to be asked before starting any a DIY project:

  • What happens when you replace that legacy system?
  • Will you have to upgrade or rework your DIY mobile system to ensure compatibility with a new ERP?
  • Will your DIY system even work with a new ERP or will you have to start the development process all over again?   

Running a legacy ERP system means, by definition, you are using out-of-date, even obsolete technology. Since your DIY system was configured to operate with this dated ERP system, its programming is also likely now out of date and could be incompatible with new technologies. If so, your users will no longer be able to retrieve or send data. They may also not be allowed to access the system due to security constraints or denial of access privileges. All your crucial data gets locked up and remains untapped in your system, making it difficult to drive key decisions for strategic gains. 

With an now-incompatible mobile asset management solution in place, you are again forced to expend time and effort to make it work. So, you now have to spend massive amounts of time and money trying to integrate with the new ERP or start all over again in building a new mobile asset management system.

Why put yourself through that process? Innovapptive’s solutions eliminate the pain points posed by your DIY mobile solution while offering a customizable, easy-to-use platform that can seamlessly integrate with the legacy ERP system you’re using today and whatever system you may upgrade to in the future.  This is because our solutions support the latest upgrades in collaboration with SAP. Remember, your business processes remain the same, but the way you execute will undergo a rapid transformation. Our solutions make your processes agile and transparent, leading to significant cost and time savings. Your inefficient manual processes can now go digital, bolstering data collection and accuracy, reducing administrative overhead, boosting productivity and improving the decision-making process. 

So, in a build vs. buy scenario, the advantages of buying a solution outweigh the benefits of going it all alone or doing it yourself. To learn more on how Innovapptive helps overcome your legacy system challenges with our mobile digital asset management solutions, schedule a free demo today by calling 844-464-6668 or by clicking here.

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