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How Barcode Scanning Can Ensure Effective Asset Tracking

How Barcode Scanning Can Ensure Effective Asset Tracking

Learn how:

  • Barcode scanning is transforming asset management 
  • Innovapptive’s asset tracking solution automates fixed-asset physical inventory and reconciliation

Barcodes and barcode scanning are everywhere nowadays. All products, from consumer to industrial, have barcodes, which embed a surprising amount of information. By using the right asset tracking barcode scanner app, you can turn your mobile device into a barcode scanner that generates valuable data sets to improve asset management and decision making.

A simple Google search reveals dozens of apps that will enable your phone to scan all types of barcodes – including 2D and QR codes. Not long ago, organizations used handheld asset tag scanners to key in asset information into their records. Those asset tag scanners were quite costly and offered limited features compared to what’s available now. And like any other hardware device, those handheld asset scan device required frequent service and replacement. 

Today, more and more organizations are realizing asset barcode tracking and asset management barcode system's importance and the value it brings to asset tracking. Asset tracking using barcodes goes beyond the scope of mere accounting and compliance purposes. For instance, an asset tracking barcode can deliver real-time information on an asset's location and current condition. Asset tracking using barcodes improves data accuracy and minimizes human error, which can incur huge losses for a company.

What are some additional benefits of asset tracking barcode scanning?
  • Enhanced data integrity and accuracy
  • Minimized paperwork and record-keeping
  • Reduced labor costs for data entry
  • Improved planning and scheduling
  • Greater accountability
  • Less employee training time

A mobile asset tracking solution provides instant, real-time and precise outcomes, removes bottlenecks associated with manual tracking, saves resources and fosters collaboration among your employees.

The right asset tracking solution to fit your business

Innovapptive’s mobile asset management solution - mAssetTag  - offers the perfect choice for an asset-intensive enterprise. It’s simple to use yet offers a robust asset tagging system. The solution works on any platform – Android and iOS – and a variety of devices like iPads, iPhones, etc. Having mAssetTag on your mobile device means having your vital asset’s entire lifecycle in the palm of your hand.

To learn more about mAssetTag and how it automates fixed-asset physical inventory and reconciliation, schedule a free demo today by calling 844-464-6668 or by clicking here


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