Automate and Streamline Fixed Asset Physical Inventory and Reconciliation

mAssetTag is a highly configurable, SAP® Certified fixed asset tracking solution that enables asset managers to conduct multiple inventories and reconciliations across various sites using a single, easy-to-use mobile solution.

Asset Physical Count and Reconciliation Made Easy

Maintaining an accurate inventory of your fixed assets is paramount to your financial team’s accounting activities. However, tracking the location, quality, condition, and depreciation of fixed assets is a significant pain point for most managers, especially those who oversee multiple locations.

mAssetTag is an intuitive mobile solution that centralizes and simplifies the arduous task of data entry related to inventory and reconciliation processes. This fixed asset tracking tool uses native mobile device capabilities such as GPS, camera, and barcode readers to automate the collection of fixed asset data. By replacing paper-based processes with software that works on any mobile platform, you can capture, tag, scan and update records without human-errors or redundancies to ensure that the data you capture is high quality.

Innovapptive’s fixed asset management and tracking system includes built-in integrations that allow mAssetTag to share information directly with your back-office SAP or ERP systems. This single repository simplifies data analysis and provides leadership teams with the visibility they need to identify lost or stolen assets, eliminate overpayments to insurance or tax entities, and calibrate business activities to align with real-time inventory levels.

SAP Certified for the SAP Fixed Asset Module

By seamlessly integrating SAP with a mobile platform, mAssetTag streamlines the management of all of your physical fixed assets, providing you with several tangible business benefits.

Schedule Annual Counts with Ease

The Asset Physical Inventory Scheduler report in SAP allows you to select the assets that need to be verified directly in the system,  and asset managers can assign physical inventory tasks to the workforce. This eliminates the need for vulnerable paper count sheets and cumbersome Excel files.

Real-time SAP Integration

Pre-built and SAP certified services with customizable field mapping for barcode ID, location, department, maintenance, purchasing, warranty, lease, deprecation, information technology, and other user-defined fields. It allows your workforce to update and manage asset information in real-time or offline.

Analytics and Dashboards for Instant Visibility

The Asset Master Data Cockpit allows users to manage and accept asset master data changes initiated by a field device. While the Asset Inventory Report provides visibility to track asset physical inventory progress with audit results and metrics.

Mobilize Fixed Asset Managers. Maximize Results.

  • Over 40% improvement in employee productivity during audit cycles.
  • Over 10–20% reduction in overpayment of federal, state, and property taxes.
  • Over 15% reduction in insurance premiums by proactively identifying retired assets.  
  • 99% accuracy of fixed asset financial statements.
  • 100% of global fixed assets reconciled to meet audit and regulatory requirements.

Ready to Automate Fixed Asset Counts?

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