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How Digital Forms have become the Game Changer for Larger Organizations

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Who doesn’t want to deliver excellent quality work, meet business deadlines, and have close to zero problems during the completion process of every project? It is not surprising that almost all organizations’ C-level personnel or people at higher authority are eager to meet the demands of their organizations. And the phrase ‘I’ll get back to you’ isn’t what top management, or even customers, want to hear. But, the question often remains: how?

The challenge is closely intertwined and continually evolving. Business information is a critical resource, plays a crucial role in organization’s success and must be properly maintained. From handling compliances to receiving/delivering goods, to get approval and more, organizations constantly deal with paper-based forms. Since creating, filling in, and routing paper forms can be time-consuming, expensive and cause delays in business processes. However, cumbersome paper-based forms can hinder organization’s workforce productivity and force them to spend searching through stacks of files instead of focusing on real work. For an instance, if any transaction gets delayed, certainly it may impact on delivery/receiving of the products/services and further related processes. Organization’s revenue and reputation get affected and it may lose new opportunities.

In this hyper-connected era, for any organization maximizing its velocity is essential for expanding the business. Fortunately, technology allows for less time putting information together and more time answering questions. Going paperless can provide organizations a better, faster and secure way to process their business transactions. More and more businesses are streamlining their workflows by converting their paper-based forms to digital forms. It is the helping them improving connectivity for real-time access in the field or office, data accuracy, and customer experience.

Here are 6 reasons that will help you understand why Digital Form can be the game changer for your organization:

  • Eliminate Paper from The Beginning

Digital Forms are more beyond just an electronic version of paper forms. It can enable your employees to capture, verify, approve and integrate data with the critical business systems. The efficiency of your organization gets improved, processes get streamlined when information is automatically captured and distributed without a paper form, to begin with.

  • Provide the Information Need to Run Your Business Smoothly

Most of the information need to run your business process is trapped on paper and equivalents such as Word documents, PDF files, and pre-printed forms. By using Digital forms, you can let your employees’ complete business processes without paper, track forms and instantly have all the updates and changes synced to same time. It hardly takes seconds to update your customers and fastens overall services. It enables organizations to improve customer service, shorten cycle times and lower operating costs.

  • Easy to Design & Customize

Digital Forms should be easy to design, and anyone with no knowledge of programming skills should also be able to modify it easily. The forms should have the expected features including such as drop-down menus, expanding and repeating sections and with the ability to attach various document types such as PDF, MS Word and images as supporting evidence. Data can be easily organized quickly with Digital Forms.

  • Increase Data Accuracy

Without the need for someone to manually enter data from a paper form into another system, data entry errors get eliminated and no data is lost in transcription. By reducing paper forms and their inaccuracies from business process, organization can improve operational efficiency as well as provide higher management a variety of previously unavailable information for better decision making.

  • Integrate Data with Core Business Systems

Once submitted, the forms get saved in content management system or reside within SAP system for secure storage, retrieval, distribution, and management. It provides higher security for organization’s documents. The organization can easily take its back up. Digital forms should auto-populate fields based on prior data entered and validate field-level data.

  • Save Time and Increase Speed of operation

It is risky to rely on outdated data collection method that is predominantly paper-based. Instead, organizations need an instant error-free data, that completely matches with their requirements and easily get integrated with their existing software system. Digital Forms are perfectly suitable for today’s organizations’ needs and provide endless benefits. With connection to the back office, employees’ quickly send data back and access essential information from anywhere via mobile Digital Forms.

Need for the Digital Forms to Increase Accuracy, Enhance User Experience & Efficiency

By using Digital Forms, organizations can be benefited in several ways. They get consolidated data and forms that help in real-time decision making and increase cost saving. Employees’ productivity gets increased through an enhanced user experience and mobile access to paperless, digital forms. It helps reduce time wastage and frustration of searching through endless unorganized documents. Organizations carefully need to choose the Digital Forms, which are best suited to their requirements and help increase ROI on SAP.

Innovapptive offers RACE™ Digital Forms, which are super flexible and provide a hassle-free integration into the SAP platform. With large volumes of critical data stored securely, it helps users to create and handle multi-pages’ digital forms super quickly. At the fingertips of your field technicians, there is access to tons of forms that usually would pile up a lot of paper. The ability to use geolocation and photo cameras in our forms can be stored in the SAP database and is readily available in real time anywhere. Customer name, address, city, or other important information can be organized easily with any cost of printing, storing, or distributing paper forms.

Replace your stacks of paper with RACE™ Digital Forms

With RACE™, you can make your paper form, digital by recreating it as a digital checklist and easily create and edit your forms. It allows you to build logic by adding a selection of fields of your choice, GPS location, pictures, date, and time stamps and more. You can add in smart and dynamic fields to modify your checklist. The forms have the expected features including, drop down menus, expanding and repeating sections and with the ability to attach various document types such as PDF, MS Word and images as supporting evidence. It streamlines your inspection process by collecting data with the same software system and enables you to use your device camera to capture images for your inspection reports.

By using RACE™ Digital Forms, organizations:

  • Improve efficiency: Organizations can expedite digital forms submission and cut the costs associated with managing paper at the same time.
  • Reduce forms data errors: Employees collect and process information efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Keep records organized and compact: Employees can easily save, store and organize their digital forms from their devices.
  • Fasten the approval process: By using the e-signature, managers/executives approve employees’ requests quickly.


If you would like a demo of Innovapptive’s solution, please click on the link. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss with an Innovapptive solution expert, you can reach out to us by emailing us at sales@innovapptive.com or you can reach a sales representative at (713) 275-1804.

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