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IBM Maximo Users, Your Wait Is Over

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IBM Maximo Users, Your Wait Is Over

By Sundeep Ravande, Innovapptive CEO and co-founder

Innovapptive started 10 years ago with a simple mission - to connect and create conversations between people, machinery and work processes, and improve people’s lives at the same time. Over the past decade, we’ve developed a wide array of products and services designed to provide greater visibility, flexibility and agility to industrial plant maintenance and warehouse operations personnel. These mobile maintenance and warehouse products were primarily built with SAP in mind. However, we realize there is a huge market that remains underserved, and that is IBM Maximo users.

As I’ve met with CEOs, plant managers and IT directors over the years, I’m always getting asked, “What about IBM Maximo? When can we expect to see Innovapptive products geared towards us?”

I have some good news… that day is now here.

I’m happy to announce that Innovapptive has released its first dedicated product specifically for IBM Maximo clients. Our comprehensive mobility solution with seamless backend integration is built to help Maximo users realize its full potential. 

The Innovapptive Mobile Workforce Management portfolio provides a real-time, end-to-end integrated solution, helping IBM Maximo users achieve maximum visibility, control, and performance of field resources. Bringing a new enterprise experience for employees, customers, and ecosystems also enables organizations to achieve critical business objectives like reduced operational costs, improved cross-functional collaboration and increased productivity.

Enterprise users of IBM Maximo have lacked the benefits of end-to-end digital transformation, mobile maintenance and warehouse management. Less than 25% of these organizations are using mobile. The Maximo user interface lacked field mobility capabilities because of which half of the companies using mobile are paying double to use a mobile application from a third party. 

Using the Innovapptive mobile suite will catalyze digital transformation for IBM Maximo users and help them expand the functionalities to improve operational and maintenance efficiency. Fostering cross-functional collaboration, the solution provides field technicians and frontline workers with a powerful tool to execute their work. The mWorkOrder mobile solution for IBM Maximo Asset Management empowers maintenance crews to work safely, productively and independently.

For enterprises using both SAP and IBM Maximo, Innovapptive brings a unified platform that eliminates the need to switch from one system to another. We are the only company to offer an integrated platform for SAP and Maximo to help organizations achieve seamless data synchronization across facilities.

Being a leader in Mobile Workforce Management Solutions for EAM, Supply Chain and Field Services, Innovapptive is committed to helping enterprises across the globe to transform their operations and address the growing demand for enterprise mobility. If you want to outwit your competitors, now’s the time to put smart devices in frontline workers’ hands and empower them with technical support. Embrace a truly connected worker strategy and make the jump to a better business future. View a short, two-minute video about Innovapptive’s Connected Worker solution for SAP and IBM Maximo, then schedule a free demo of a world-class connected worker solution today. Or, if you prefer, call 888-464-6668 to speak to one of our industry experts.

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