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Improving Work Order Management With a Mobile Maintenance Solution

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Improving Work Order Management With a Mobile Maintenance Solution

Companies in asset-intensive industries are quickly realizing the tangible benefits of mobile maintenance and enterprise asset management (EAM) on their operations, production and profit margins. A connected worker strategy leveraging a mobile maintenance and EAM system can cut costly downtime, increase productivity, reduce reworks, shrink backlogs and help frontline workers accomplish more.

Midstream oil and gas organizations are one sector where a mobile work order management solution can have a big impact. These businesses are situated at the center of the oil and gas industry, focusing on transportation and processing. 

Some of the challenges facing these organizations include:

  • Stifled collaboration
  • Slowed data collection
  • Impaired work order assignment and prioritization
  • Difficult maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Hampered technician wrench time
  • Too many work order backlogs and reworks

Moving Towards a More Effective Work Order Management Process

Our mobile maintenance solution, mWorkOrder, helps meet these challenges head-on, by integrating with SAP and providing these must-have benefits:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and paper work orders 
  • Better align work order requests
  • Permit operators to report issues at any time and assign work based on priority
  • Track preventive and corrective work orders
  • Plan and schedule major equipment overhauls
  • Measure backlogs and work completions

Implementing a solution like mWorkOrder can help organizations increase work capacity by 20%, boost productivity by 30% and cut reworks by 20 percent. Learn more about some of the benefits of implementing mobile work order management in our use case for midstream oil and gas companies.

Learn More about Mobile Work Order Management

Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder digitizes and streamlines maintenance work order management. Schedule a demo today or call us at 844-464-6668.

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