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Overcome Skills Gaps and Preserve Tribal Knowledge in the Oil and Gas Industry With Digital Work Instructions

Overcome Skills Gaps and Preserve Tribal Knowledge in the Oil and Gas Industry With Digital Work Instructions

The energy industry is projected to face a shortage of up to 40,000 qualified employees by the year 2025, according to a study conducted by Accenture Strategy on the growing labor shortage in the oil and gas industry. The looming talent crisis in the aging oil and gas sector is said to pose a greater challenge than any shortfall in capital, equipment, or supplies.


Skill shortages and the loss of decades of knowledge and experience are serious problems, especially for the maintenance and operations teams. The time it takes to effectively train and onboard new team members is costly and novice employees are prone to errors that lead to costly reworks.

Digital Work Instructions solves these challenges, helping new trainees get up to speed quickly by delivering easy-to-use, step-by-step, visually guided work instructions on smartphones and tablets. Workers can be taken through each step of a task via images, videos, or other visual aids, ensuring they're following the right steps and taking any necessary safety precautions. 

Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions For Oil and Gas Companies

As a connected worker pioneer, Innovapptive helps asset-intensive oil and gas companies overcome the skills gap among frontline workers with its Mobile Work Instructions solution. The cloud-based solution aims to solve challenges facing an aging workforce in the industry by preventing loss of tribal knowledge by enabling experienced workers to remotely coach and guide their younger peers during complicated work orders.

Our Digital Work Instructions solution enables oil and gas facilities to preserve valuable tribal knowledge before it leaves for good. Veteran workers can digitally train, guide, and mentor new hires and less-experienced counterparts at the worksite through video conferencing. The solution makes it easy to share instructions, SOPs, multimedia files, and more. Digital Work Instructions deliver instant collaboration and knowledge sharing from across the room, the country, or the world.

The Innovapptive platform combines maintenance information and workflows from systems such as SAP EAM and IBM Maximo with step-by-step, visual, and guided mobile work instructions. This helps young workers to become highly independent in real-time to boost wrench time, reduce errors and reworks and increase job safety.

Problems Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions Solve

Innovapptive’s Mobile Work Instructions play a critical role in ensuring frontline worker knowledge is retained as waves of experienced technicians retire in the coming years. Our mobile-first, digital work instructions solution empowers users to quickly and easily digitize paper-based job instructions and safety procedures and transmit them to field maintenance technicians as they are conducting a work order.


Our application helps in tribal knowledge transfer by replacing the walkie-talkies and thick binders of the past with mobile digital tools. The knowledge of veteran field staff is easily documented with step-by-step instructions and annotated photos and videos. This is accessible at any time in the field via mobile devices including smartphones, smart glasses, and smartwatches.

Workers can even connect with more experienced counterparts anywhere in the world through a secure video conference to receive step-by-step coaching and guidance. The forms library not only helps organizations better address the critical challenges, but also helps them better tackle the profit margin pressures, and talent challenges they face with their aging front-line workers.


Unique Features of Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions

Innovaptive’s versatile digital work instructions, SOPs, and forms library offer more than prepackaged and reconfigurable forms. Integrated with mWorkOrder, maintenance planners and supervisors can create and attach digital work instructions to work orders to ensure work is completed right the first time with no reworks or backlogs. Besides this, here are some of the differentiating features that our solution offers:

Integration with ERP systems: Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions solution seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems such as SAP and IBM Maximo. This empowers front-line technicians with updated job-specific instructions and support at the right time. Integration increases wrench time and efficiency of the front-line workforce while reducing training time, translating into a higher ROI for digital work instructions.

Integration with work orders: Typically, work instructions are used while executing work orders as part of maintenance operations. Why switch tabs between a work order app and a work instructions solution? Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions is integrated with its mobile work order management solution to offer a hassle-free experience to users. This empowers field technicians with instructions specific to a work order, which boosts efficiency.

Creating multiple instructions at the same time: Thousands of operational procedures and maintenance workflows occur simultaneously in an oil and gas facility. Authoring work instructions one by one becomes cumbersome, increasing the burden on your team. Digital work instructions contain multimedia files and annotations, further complicating the process. Our digital work instructions solution allows technical writers to upload content into a spreadsheet and with a few clicks, multiple work instructions are automatically created. Uncomplicating the creation of work instructions, Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions offers this efficiency-driving feature.

Don’t Let Your Talent Well Run Dry; Talk to Our Experts Today

Innovapptive’s Digital Work Instructions solution, a part of the company’s Connected Worker platform, can enable your oil and gas facility to successfully meet the challenge of retiring Baby Boomer workers and the skills gap it produces. Rather than losing valuable tribal knowledge and expertise, you can instead pass it along to a new generation of operators and technicians. Schedule a free demo today or call us at 844-464-6668. Our experts are ready to help you preserve tribal knowledge, upskill workers, mitigate safety risks and cut unscheduled downtime.

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