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Simplify and Modernize Oil and Gas Workforce Management with mWorkOrder

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Simplify and Modernize Oil and Gas Workforce Management with mWorkOrder

Given the volatility and rapid pace of change in the oil and gas market, enterprises need a forward-thinking workforce management approach. Modernizing legacy systems has become the need of the hour to ensure seamless operation and optimum utilization of skills in times of talent crunch. 

While seeking innovative ways to manage their workforce most efficiently, oil and gas companies are increasingly relying on digital technologies like mobile workforce management systems. These modern solutions for workforce management foster better collaboration among supervisors, managers, and field workers, enhance resource allocation efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime through informed decisions. 

Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder helps oil and gas companies overcome operational and workforce management challenges, such as:

  • Information lags
  • Stifled collaboration
  • Issues with work prioritization
  • Resource allocation
  • Inefficient planning
  • Scheduling, etc.

By increasing communication between field technicians and supervisors, mWorkOrder allows for better regulatory compliance in addition to improved workforce management. Using the platform, managers can create and issue digital work orders and follow their progress in real-time. Supervisors receive instant work order updates and can send push notifications to their team on mobile devices to notify them immediately of tasks and related information.

Frontline workers using mobile devices such as smartphones, scanners, tablets, and wearables fulfill maintenance work orders and perform inspections, operator rounds, equipment checks, etc. With these devices, operational data is uploaded instantly to the back-office system of record which helps eliminate manual data input, boosts wrench time, and cuts administrative costs. mWorkOrder also supports preventive and predictive maintenance strategies that let oil and gas maintenance teams move away from the inefficient and reactive “run-to-fail” approach.

Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

Workforce management teams can leverage Innovapptive’s mobile work order management application, mWorkOrder, to achieve full visibility and collaborate effectively with field technicians. Automation and mobilization technologies delivered by Innovapptive make this possible. By automating the work order process, technicians get full access to the work order scope to review histories and study critical asset information for speedy repair and effective maintenance work.

Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder solution gives upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas facilities an agile, flexible way to address many problems, including:

  • Operational visibility
  • Productivity and wrench time
  • Labor and resource utilization
  • Technician skills gaps
  • Regulatory compliance

mWorkOrder For Enhancing Workforce Productivity and Wrench Time

According to RoadtoReliability.com, an average technician only spends two to three hours doing actual maintenance work during a typical eight-hour day. Which makes maintenance productivity poor, typically as low as 20% – 30%.

Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder saves time and acts as a productivity booster. It enables technicians to digitally collect field data without any manual entry and automatically upload them into the system of record in real-time. Real-time data availability lets maintenance managers make informed decisions based on verified field data to achieve higher operational efficiencies.

What Sets Innovapptive Apart

Customization – Innovapptive’s solutions rely on the proprietary, patented RACETM (Rapid Application Configuration Engine) platform that enables no-code/low-code customization. Configure applications for site, role, user, and geographies. Quickly respond and adapt to changes, and better align the apps to your unique business requirements.

User interface/user experience – Innovapptive’s solutions are intuitive and easy to use with a minimum of training required to be productive. Satisfaction leads to high user adoption rates, resulting in a positive return on investment. 

Online/offline modes – Utilities often operate assets in areas with poor or no Wi-Fi infrastructure. Innovapptive’s solutions have online/offline modes, allowing frontline workers and managers to be productive even when there’s no Wi-Fi signal. Take advantage of rapid synchronization after restoring a connection.

Integration with ERP systems – Innovapptive’s solutions seamlessly integrate with ERP systems, such as SAP and IBM Maximo. Managers and frontline workers gain quick access to key data and support.

Enterprise-grade security - Encrypted, stateless, single sign-on with consumer-grade experiences such as Face ID and Touch ID keep your data safe and out of the wrong hands.

Ready to deploy – Pre-packaged and reconfigurable connected maintenance execution connected work instructions, connected inventory, connected operator rounds, and connected fixed assets.

Scalability - Configurable support for different languages, site-specific workflows, role, user-driven configurations, etc.

Curious to Know How mWorkOrder Can Boost Your In-House Productivity?

Innovapptive, a connected worker solution pioneer, specializes in SAP- and IBM Maximo- compatible mobile plant maintenance systems that improve technician productivity, transform reactive processes, and cut downtime costs. Schedule a free demo of mWorkOrder today, and then call us at 888-464-6668. Our oil and gas experts can show you how replacing a cumbersome paper-based process with a mobile work order solution can dramatically reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Connect Your Frontline Workforce,Back Office and Assets Together

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