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How to Make Operator Rounds More Efficient with a Connected Worker Platform

How to Make Operator Rounds More Efficient with a Connected Worker Platform

Operator Rounds: The Foundation of Operations

Operator rounds serve as the critical starting point for any operations department. Innovapptive's Operator Rounds solution streamlines these rounds, making data collection and execution easy. Traditional round systems are primarily about collecting data, but Innovapptive takes it further, integrating shift handovers, approval flows, historical trend analysis, and much more. This forms the foundation of Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform, linking operator rounds seamlessly to maintenance and warehouse management.


Save Billions: The $1.5 Trillion Global Problem of Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned downtime is a significant global issue, costing Fortune Global 500 companies nearly $1.5 trillion annually. According to Siemens, this massive expense accounts for approximately 11% of their annual revenues, highlighting the critical need for effective downtime management strategies.

The Impact of Poor Shift Management

Consider an oil and gas company using traditional server-based systems. Due to inadequate communication during shift handovers, critical information about a potential leak was not passed on to the incoming shift. This oversight led to a significant safety hazard and unplanned downtime, costing the company millions of dollars in lost production and emergency repairs. This incident underscores the importance of effective shift handovers and real-time data sharing, which Innovapptive's Connected Worker platform ensures through automated and acknowledged handover reports.

Cost Savings through Efficiency and Integration

By adopting Innovapptive's Connected Worker platform, organizations can achieve significant cost savings. For instance, an average offshore oil platform can lose up to $38 million annually due to unplanned downtime, with some incidents costing as much as $88 million (Hint Global). Implementing a data-driven, predictive maintenance approach can save these companies millions by reducing downtime and optimizing maintenance schedules.

The Financial Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, predictive maintenance saves 8% to 12% over preventative maintenance and up to 40% over reactive maintenance. This shift results in substantial cost savings, with companies reporting annual savings of up to $34 million by updating their maintenance practices to more predictive, data-driven efforts (Hint Global).

Enhancing Operator Rounds with Innovapptive’s Features

Dynamic Routes

Configure dynamic routes based on real-time data. For example, if emission rates exceed 25 sq m/sec, the system triggers an inspection round automatically, ensuring critical issues are promptly addressed.

Shift Handovers

Facilitate seamless shift handovers with automated, dashboard-driven reports. These reports provide real-time insights, keeping incoming shifts fully informed about ongoing issues and actions taken.

Approval Flows

Manage round approvals and key process approvals (e.g., permits, MOCs) with Innovapptive's integrated framework, ensuring necessary checks are in place before maintenance work begins.

Historical Trend Charts

Integrate historical trend data to provide technicians with valuable insights from past performance and incidents, aiding informed decision-making during rounds.

SAP Notification Entry

Ensure seamless connectivity with SAP systems, enabling direct entry of notifications from operator rounds. This integration ensures prompt recording and addressing of identified issues.

Link to Historians

Link operator rounds to data historians for a comprehensive view of trend data, allowing advanced analysis and predictive maintenance to prevent major problems.

AI-Based Morning Meeting Briefing>

Utilize AI capabilities for automated briefings, summarizing critical insights from data collected during rounds. This ensures stakeholders are informed about the current state of operations and urgent issues.

Compliance Dashboards

Default compliance dashboards ensure all regulatory requirements are met, providing real-time visibility into compliance status and maintaining high standards of safety and operational excellence.

Computer Vision-Based Issue Identification

Utilize computer vision to detect issues not visible to the naked eye, identifying wear and tear or potential failures early for timely intervention.

Enhancing Industry Performance: Mining, Chemical, and Oil & Gas

In industries such as mining, chemical, and oil & gas, operational efficiency and safety are paramount. Innovapptive’s Connected Worker platform offers significant improvements in key performance metrics like Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Wrench Time, and Unplanned Downtime.

  • Reducing Mean Time to Repair ( MTTR ): By enabling real-time data collection and seamless integration with SAP, maintenance teams can quickly identify and address issues, reducing the time needed to repair critical equipment.
  • Increasing Wrench Time: The platform minimizes administrative tasks through digital inspections and automated data uploads, allowing technicians to spend more time on actual maintenance work.
  • Minimizing Unplanned Downtime: With predictive maintenance capabilities, the platform helps prevent equipment failures by identifying potential issues before they become critical. This proactive approach ensures continuous production and reduces costly unplanned downtime.

Innovapptive’s Connected Worker platform not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves safety and compliance, making it an essential tool for these high-stakes industries.

10 Key and Disruptive Differentiators of Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform

  1. Unified Operational Platform: One platform to connect your operations, maintenance, and storerooms, ensuring cohesiveness across all departments.
  2. Certified SAP Integration: Ensures seamless connectivity with SAP systems.
  3. Mobile Operator Rounds with Advanced Predictive Analysis Capabilities: Enhance operational efficiency with predictive insights.
  4. Automated Shift Handover Reports with Acknowledgements: Ensure safety and compliance with automated, acknowledged handover reports.
  5. End-to-End Work Order Management: From issue reporting to work order execution, streamline every step.
  6. Embedded Checklist Capabilities: Integrate checklists directly into work orders for comprehensive task management.
  7. End-to-End Inventory Management: Facilitate efficient spare parts collection and inventory management.
  8. Offline/Online Functionality: Ensure continuous operations even in areas with poor connectivity.
  9. AI/ML Capabilities: Multiple AI capabilities including predictive insights, SOP creation, and paper form conversions.
  10. Computer Vision-Based Issue Identification: Detects the slightest wear and tear before they escalate into major issues.


By leveraging Innovapptive's Connected Worker platform, organizations can transform their SAP operator rounds into a powerful tool for improving efficiency, productivity, and safety. Embrace the future of digital rounds and unlock the full potential of your frontline operations.

For more information on how Innovapptive’s solutions can transform your operations, visit our website.

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