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Top 5 Challenges on The Road to Digital Transformation

5 Reasons Why a “Mobile-First” Enterprise Should Be Your First Step to Digital Transformation
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The Manufacturing industry is on the threshold of a new digital era. Digital transformation has shifted from a ‘lofty buzzword goal’ to a core competency for manufacturing organizations. Organizations, who’ve experienced digital transformation, are seeing increased market share and customer engagement, higher employee morale, and increased revenue, according to a study by the Altimeter Group.  

Everything in the manufacturing - beginning with how products are made, services are delivered, and to how business is conducted - is changing. The increasingly competitive landscape is putting intense pressure on manufacturers, who still rely on traditional processes and legacy systems. Not incorporating digital technologies may leave organizations (manufacturers) at risk and affects their ability to deliver fast services, attract more customers, and increase profitability.

Boosting profits & revenue, reducing costs, improving agility and speed to market are the key business drivers for the manufacturing industry. To achieve these key drivers, along with operational excellence, manufacturers are embracing digital technology Consequently, becoming more agile in their response to customer demands in a complex, ever-changing, global supply chain.

To effectively embrace digital technology, it is critical for manufacturing organizations to understand the challenges they face along the digital transformation journey:

#1 Outdated Processes:  With everything connected digitally, it is challenging to rely on traditional paper-based processes and operate in silos; there is no longer a place for manual, time-consuming processes. To be efficient and provide employees a flexible approach to work seamlessly, organizations (manufacturers) need a modern and agile digital solution that replaces outdated and error-prone paper-based processes and converts them to digital. 

#2 Organizational Resistance to Change: Where does your organization sit on change? Most employees are so entrenched in traditional processes of daily duties that, when the time comes to improve processes and incorporate new technology, they resist. They see change management as a challenge to their roles/responsibilities, at best, and a threat to their job security, at worst. To deal with this, organizations should have the best digital solution in place to reduce time-consuming processes, improve employee efficiency and reduce jobs stress by enabling access to work from anywhere, anytime, regardless of location.

#3 Legacy Business Model: Organizations have become very comfortable in their own legacy systems. They need to leave this comfort zone, revamp their business model, and proceed ahead for more efficient and faster time-to-market business processes. To achieve this, organizations should employ digital technology that provides exceptional efficiency within their existing legacy systems.  

#4 User-Friendly Interface and Navigation: A well-designed and intuitive digital solution will increase employee productivity and engagement while minimizing training time. Mobile solutions (on smartphones and tablets) encourage employees to perform business transactions on the fly. This kind of mobility enables real-time transaction processing, improved data accuracy, and increased convenience.

#5 Lack of Automation: The value of automation lies in eliminating redundancies and time-consuming tasks. By embracing the right digital solution, organizations can automate and say goodbye to manual tasks, allowing for faster product updates and response times.     

In order to achieve digital transformation goals, organizations need to define digital strategy and methodically transform their business functions. The pressure to keep up with innovation and evolving market needs is not new for manufacturers. Moving forward, will they be BOLD early adopters of digital transformation? OR will they be overly cautious and risk their business processes becoming redundant?

Forward-looking companies are turning to mobile technologies with superior User Experience (UX) to increase employee productivity, sales revenues, and digitize redundant paper-based processes.

Innovapptive understands these industry challenges and offers a series of the mobile solutions for Supply Chain, EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), and Field Service Operations. We are focused on achieving "instant mobilization" for enterprises with our bundled SAP/ERP certified mobile solutions.

Take Action Now! Connect Request-a-Demowith an Innovapptive Solutions Expert at (713) 275-1804 or via chat to learn more about Innovapptive’s Mobile Workforce Management Solutions.



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