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Why Offline Mobile Capabilities Are Vital for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

Why Offline Mobile Capabilities Are Vital for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

Deskless frontline workers across the U.S. are increasingly relying on mobile devices and the Internet to complete daily tasks using connected worker applications. For the frontline workforce employed offshore, such as upstream oil and gas exploration sites, the ability to execute their tasks without internet connectivity is a key requirement. They would start their shift collecting their mobiles, syncing the day's work from the central office where the network is available, and go about executing the rest of the day offline. End of the shift, the data is synced, and mobile devices are handed over to the next shift or put on charge for the next day/shift's usage. While this looks very resourceful, there are a couple of challenges that still exist especially for the supervisors who monitor the tasks:

  • The status of assigned tasks/ activities is not known till the users are online. This is ok if the user can sync intermittently. But for users who cannot connect online, the supervisor is only going to be aware of task execution quality and pending items at the end of the shift.
  • Faults/ Errors identified during their shift, are only reported at the end of the shift. Any follow-up becomes difficult as the user would have logged out before the reconciliation 
  • Immediate responses/ decisions to maintenance/emergencies are limited only to places with online connectivity whereas areas where network dark spots are handicapped for proper decision making due to limited data access

Offline areas using mobile devices connected to the Internet are problematic as MODUs (mobile offshore drilling units), drillships, and fixed production platforms are located far from shore and established digital infrastructure. Any upgrades and further maintenance of network connectivity are going to be a costly affair adding a burden to OPEX optimization KPIs.

Does this mean that frontline workers on MODUs or platforms are shut out from the benefits of mobile-connected worker technologies? No! This blog will discuss exciting product upgrades that enable offshore workers to stay connected while still offline using our trademarked Offline Connect Feature which transforms how offline ways of working are defined.


Limited Connectivity Offshore Presents Operational and Financial Challenges 

Being far from shore and having to deal with limited or no Wi-Fi signal makes it hard for maintenance and safety managers and frontline workers to:

  • Stay in constant contact with crews
  • Sync critical or emergency information in real-time
  • Keep track of asset and personnel location
  • Connect to and monitor remote equipment

Why Run a Connected Worker Application When Disconnected?

Performing tasks on a mobile device in offline mode gives frontline workers many advantages, including:

  • Enabling users to continue to use applications when there is no or spotty network coverage
  • Improving performance by providing access to offline data instead of sending data requests to SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • Supporting business processes that must be executed by a user while the application is offline

Introducing OfflineConnect™ from Innovapptive

Innovapptive is a global connected worker solution leader. Our mission since our founding in 2012 has been to connect and create conversations between people, machinery, and work processes to improve people’s lives. To that end, we’ve developed OfflineConnect, the only connected worker solution that gives frontline offshore oil and gas workers the ability to stay connected - even without an internet connection. 

Innovapptive’s OfflineConnect features an offline functionality that ensures users can remain connected and in sync even when their devices are not connected to a network (cellular or Wi-Fi). They can seamlessly share critical data while offline in real time. This offline capability is ideal for use on MODUs and production platforms. Even when offline, with OfflineConnect, managers and frontline workers can use mobile devices to:

  • Create, customize, and edit work orders and push notifications
  • Assign labor and allocate resources
  • Access equipment details and maintenance history
  • Capture and annotate images, videos, PDFs
  • Track work status, progress, and location

Offline Connect’s Benefits

Innovapptive’s offline innovation delivers an array of features and functionalities that will benefit offshore frontline workers, supervisors, and decision makers, whether operating on a small jack-up in shallow coastal waters, a semi-submersible drilling a new field, or on a tension-leg platform hundreds of miles from shore in 10,000-ft depths.

Real-time collaboration in dead zones - Frontline workers in areas with poor or no connectivity can reliably fall back to OfflineConnect’s peer-to-peer network to sync critical data.

Ensure workers always have access to SAP data - Phones, tablets, desktops and more all have full access to backend databases capable of editing, reading, and observing data at all times.

Reduce reaction time without relying on connectivity - Having to rely on connectivity can put a costly amount of time to start, continue, and complete a maintenance task.

Preserve and sync inventory, defect, and plan information - Innovapptive’s conflict resolution ensures that offline data edits are preserved without risk of being overwritten.

Cut lengthy sync times - Improve productivity with faster syncs, getting information where it needs to go more rapidly for action.

Save money on infrastructure - Peer-to-peer is a more cost-effective method of data sharing and keeping frontline workers and teams connected.

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