Enterprise Asset Management

Optimize Asset Performance through a Mobile Maintenance Workforce

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The Business Case for Mobile Enterprise Asset Management

Based on leading industry analysts, two of the largest challenges that companies must meet before adopting mobile apps are making a business case for the technology and selecting the most beneficial areas for its implementation. Equipment failure results in unexpected downtime, safety and environmental risks, and unmet production quotas - all of which negatively affect revenue. A mobile enabled EAM solution can help companies move from primarily a reactive state, or solving problems as they appear, to a more proactive one where they can anticipate and address issues before problems arise. A strong mobile EAM roadmap should address -

  • Extension of asset life
  • Risk prioritised maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Increased workforce productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce value chain costs
  • Connect the field to your diverse data sources

Streamline your Asset and Maintenance processes to save time and money

Successful companies know that improving their asset performance reduces costs and enhances their capacity to grow. Leverage the latest mobile technologies to get the most out of your SAP Plant Maintenance implementation, so your EAM system can become a source of greater business efficiency.

Innovapptive SAP Certified Mobility Solutions for the Enterprise Asset Management

mWorkOrder - Mobile Work Order Management

Reduce equipment downtime and lower operating costs

The mWorkOrder mobile solution delivers a prepackaged add-on for your central dispatchers to pro-actively schedule and assign work orders to field technicians. Field technicians can receive new work orders, push notifications and priorities in real time to avoid any potential equipment failure, unexpected downtime, safety and environmental risks and unmet production quotas all of which negatively impact revenue.

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mInventory - Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management

Increase productivity, lower costs & optimize your supply chain

Extend your inventory management system into the field to increase availability and avoid downtime! With the mInventory mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain and improve customer service.

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mRounds - Mobile Rounds Manager

The mRounds mobile solution allows you to record critical asset performance data points in real-time without the usage of manual paper forms. Assets that are trending towards failure are identified quickly, allowing you to reduce downtime and help you maintain your equipment in a much better way.

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Industry Specific Customization with RACE

The Innovapptive Mobile EAM portfolio comes built-in with our configuration toolkit - RACE (Rapid App Configurator Engine) that empowers your IT teams to customize our mobile solutions to fit business processes aligned to any industry.

Utilities - Stay ahead of the massive and complex regulatory, business, and technology changes impacting the industry; while keeping operations running smoothly, and costs under control.

Oil & Gas - Strong EAM practices can mean the difference between profitability and loss. Remote locations can be difficult to reach and parts availability is often a challenge. Preventive maintenance is critical and not an option to risk safety and/or the environment.

Manufacturing - Improve plant and equipment performance by eliminating unplanned downtime, streamline the maintenance process to extend the longevity of assets and improve productivity. Give your employees the right tools to manage their work processes.

Public Sector - Leverage the power of mobility to manage preventive maintenance and upkeep of municipal water, sewer, and transit systems as well as all equipment. With shrinking revenues and aging infrastructure, ensure that your agency can get maximum value from existing assets.

Life Sciences - Our mobile EAM solutions has been designed to help life sciences companies maximize their asset value, meet compliance standards, reduce expenses, and increase return on investment of their assets. Our EAM portfolio helps companies make great strides in improving their operational efficiency and uncovering hidden profits.

Mobile EAM for SAP drives Proven Success

SAP customers have seen the following improvements in their workforce when using mobile apps from SAP:

  • Safety incidents reduced to near zero
  • Work capacity increased by 10 to 20%
  • Labor productivity increased by up to 50%
  • Rework reduced by 15 to 20%
  • Mobile apps have helped SAP customers realize these
    asset-related benefits:

  • Downtime and production delays reduced by 20 to 30%
  • Preventable failures reduced by up to 90%
  • Maintenance backlog reduced by up to 60%
  • Inventory carrying costs reduced by 5 to 10%

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