Mobile Field Service

SAP Mobile Field Service

SAP mobile field service (mFieldServ) mobile solution from Innovapptive transforms field service companies by providing field service technicians with full visibility about the customer and the asset that requires to be repaired. It also helps in confirming, if the asset is covered or billable, thereby avoiding the need for multiple trips to complete the job. This solution can integrate asset guided steps and instructions to help each worker complete the job quickly, safely and effectively in the shortest amount of time.

Successful Fortune™ 100 companies are harnessing the power of Innovapptive’s mFieldServ mobile solution to accelerate and transform their business. Leverage Innovapptive’s mFieldServ mobile solution along with analytics solutions from SAP and SAP HANA® to handle the “Big Data” problem typically in a mobile field service organization.
According to a study conducted by SAP, every successful field service organization recognizes that it must do five things equally well in order to competitively and cost effectively deliver service: precision, speed, routing, customer centricity and productivity.
Seize the opportunity and leverage your field service technicians, who are into customer facing engagements to sell additional products, services or promotions by leveraging Innovapptive’s SAP mobile sales app.

For any successful field service company, retaining their existing customer base and driving higher customer satisfaction is a top priority. Outstanding service in the field is the key to customer loyalty. This is especially true in today’s increasingly competitive service market. However, the cost of retaining customers could be an expensive proposition, if your field service management processes are not optimized and automated. Innovapptive’s mFieldServ, an SAP® certified mobile solution helps you to improve workforce productivity and optimizes your field service operations.

Field service technicians struggle with unnecessary trips, arrive at the wrong sites and end up losing valuable time by taking a difficult route or venture unknowingly into unsafe areas. These inefficiencies result in lost labor hours, excessive fuel costs and vehicle maintenance. Innovapptive mFieldServ solution allows your field service technicians to locate the correct site, guide them to take the fastest route and stay safe whether on foot or on the road.

Backlog and heavy workload is a common problem with every field service company. Simply hiring more personnel is not necessarily the best and a cost effective solution. Field service companies must analyze the existing processes and inefficiencies, which can be eliminated by introducing a mobile CRM service solution that provides a 360° view, not just for your field service technicians when delivering the service, but everyone from the service manager to the customer, suppliers and service partner. mFieldServ empowers experienced and inexperienced field service technicians to work safely, improve their productivity, minimize downtime and rework.

Key features and value drivers

  • Receive and update service orders
  • Get route optimized directions with GIS or GPS.
  • Access customer, install base, warranties, contracts and service history.
  • Access multimedia or attachments to follow guided steps and instructions.
  • Perform inspections and calibrations
  • Capture status, readings, measurements and customer delivery confirmations and signatures.
  • Record problems, actions, time, expenses and materials
  • Attach additional documentation and photos.
  • Manage pricing, quotes and invoicing.

Business benefits

  • Boost productivity by streamlining communications and eliminating paperwork.
  • Get real-time visibility into work status, technician location, and financial performance.
  • Cut costs by reducing administrative overheads and non-productive working times.
  • Improve response and decision-making in the field.
  • Raise customer satisfaction by improving first-time resolution and ensuring SLA compliance.
  • Improve revenue by capturing accurate on-site data and shortening billing cycles.