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How Effective are Your Field Service Technicians?

As a Field Service manager there are two factors when it comes to servicing customers - not only do you need to improve service delivery and the service experience, you also need to efficiently manage the work tasks performed across multiple locations by a finite field services team. And, in many ways, the latter helps to influence the former.

Enterprises around the world use mobile applications for a variety of purposes - from simplifying processes, to enhancing collaboration between workers and managing options for data entry. When it comes to areas that can benefit from mobile apps, experts working in the field services industry may be number one on the list.

Field service mobile apps provide field staff with access to company data wherever they are in a secure and proficient manner. It also allows them to capture data, authorize transactions, locate jobs, and enhance professional networks.

Take your SAP ECC-CS (Customer Service) or SAP CRM Mobile

The mServiceOrder mobile solution from Innovapptive comes with all the field-ready functionality you need to improve field productivity with any device. Designed from the ground up with field technicians and engineers in mind, it provides a refined interface, consistent access and targeted service workflows regardless of internet connectivity. The mServiceOrder mobile solution empowers field service technicians to successfully complete service orders, present service reports for customer signature, provide availability of parts and products in the field and much more.

The mServiceOrder mobile solution is an SAP Certified solution and is designed for customers who use the SAP ECC-CS (Customer Service) module or SAP CRM.

    Streamline and shorten the work lifecycle

    Enable quick response to service calls by receiving work orders or inspection orders directly on the mobile device. Automate processes to help eliminate manual tasks, redundant data entry, and unnecessary paperwork.

    Adapt the mobile environment to the business needs

    Configure the mobile solution to use predefined business rules and forms. Connect to your SAP enterprise data sources through a seamless and configurable end-user interface.

    Capture and collaborate service technician knowledge

    Build a knowledge-base by ensuring historical work information and know-how does not escape the organization as someone's personal data bank by recording all events and work tasks at the point of activity.

    Offline Synchronization

    With the market's leading mobile synchronization capabilities, our mServiceOrder keeps technicians and engineers productive with just the right amount and type of data to complete a full service order process from time and materials lookups, entry, signature capture and service report creation.

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