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Best-in-Class Connected Worker Platforms Improve Front-Line Worker Safety

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Improving productivity has been at the heart of every digital transformation solution for front-line workers for as long as they’ve existed. While productivity improvements are essential, there are other factors that define the success of a digital transformation product or service, like a Connected Worker platform, to make it a comprehensive, integrated and holistic solution. Many of these other factors have often only been partially addressed or have been overlooked completely, such as:

  • Front-line worker safety
  • Digital confidence and trust
  • Privacy

Today, let’s explore the first bullet point: front-line worker safety. 

“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” – Eleanor Everet, safety expert

A Connected Worker solution should always reinforce this state of mind. 

To meet the safety goal of preventing or reducing occupational injuries, illness and fatalities, a best-in-class Connected Worker solution should incorporate occupational safety and health considerations in its design and features. It shouldn’t make front-line workers more vulnerable to occupational hazards. 

A front-line worker needs to know: 

  • Where am I? (hazard zones)
  • What are the potential hazards? (high-decibel noise, high altitudes, high heat, low/high light, high voltage, chemicals, etc.)
  • Do I need special preparations for this? (protective gear)
  • Is there any historical information about the machine/equipment that I need to know?
  • What needs to be done before working on the machine/equipment?
  • How can I safely access this information without losing focus on the job I have to do?

A supervisor needs to stay informed about worker safety in real time. This means several questions must be answered on a daily basis:

  • Is the worker following all required safety policies, protocols and procedures?
  • Are there any potential hazards developing where the team is working?
  • Is the work being done in the prescribed manner?

To address these safety needs, a best-in-class Connected Worker solution should be a comprehensive one that provides, integrates and leverages a wide range of data-driven safety-related features. Users shouldn’t have to interact with multiple digital solutions to take advantage of the platform; they should have easy access at any time any time from anywhere through a single channel/medium. 

Let’s examine some of the most important front-line worker safety features you should look for in a best-in-class Connected Worker platform:

Situational awareness
A best-in-class platform should deliver proactive safety instructions through wearable sensors and mobile solutions. These key features provide contextual information to field workers on the ground as well as to supervisors and team members in the back office from: 

  • Heat indicators
  • Noise sniffers 
  • Fatigue predictors
  • Fall detectors
  • Smart safety shoes
  • Smart PPEs
  • Timed activity monitoring
  • Spatial positioning through GPS 

Worker wellbeing
Best-in-class Connected Worker platforms should seamlessly work with smart bands, wearables and sensors that monitor front-line workers’ health by tracking body temperature, heart rate, respiration and fatigue.

Hands-free interactions

A platform must provide a means to capture data and access information, guided instructions and remote assistance without interfering with the job the worker is doing. They ought to include:

  • Conversational UI/voice interactions
  • Head-up display units
  • Gesture controls

Best-in-class Connected Worker Platforms give you the power to reimagine and transform your maintenance, repair and operations program. They deliver the accurate and timely information you need to make knowledgeable decisions that positively impact your production and operations. It offers an efficient way to optimize your plant’s front-line worker safety. To learn more about Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform, schedule a free demo today by calling 844-464-6668 or by clicking here.

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