Build vs. Buy: Will Employees Use Your DIY Mobile Asset Management System?

In this blog, we’ll examine:

  • Why companies consider building mobile asset management systems in-house instead of purchasing one from a third-party vendor.
  • One crucial factor decision makers often overlook… until it’s too late.
  • Why partnering with Innovapptive on mobile asset management is a viable and cost-effective option.

“If you build it, he will come.” 

A mysterious disembodied voice whispers this odd phrase one night to farmer Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) in the much-loved 1989 baseball movie Field of Dreams. Ray listens and builds his own baseball stadium in an Iowa cornfield, hoping for a visit from the ghost of legendary ballplayer “Shoeless” Joe Jackson (the “he”). Ray’s dream comes true as Jackson and the spirits of several all-time greats play a game for the ages to Ray and his family’s delight.

You may be hearing a voice as well. Only this one’s urging you to build your own mobile asset management system. Should you listen, or change the channel? 

Why build your own mobile asset management system?

Companies may have lots of reasons for wanting to build their own mobile platform. They could believe it’s just faster and cheaper to build it themselves. They may think no third-party vendor can ever understand their unique needs or requirements. They may be confident their IT department is the greatest in the world. 

Such companies usually find none of their assumptions are true. But even if such organization get their homemade systems to work, they forgot to ask themselves the most important question of all, one they should have asked themselves at the start: “If I build it, will they (my employees) use it?” 

Don’t overlook your employees 

Employees have become more tech-savvy at home and at work. They have ever-increasing expectations about quick and easy information access to perform their jobs. 

Your employees expect the same mobility at work that they enjoy in their personal lives. Software limited to desktops or laptops is now passé. Any organization considering building its own mobile asset management platform ought to get their employees’ input before starting such a project. After all, they’ll be the ones using any do-it-yourself system, not leadership. 

Too many industrial leaders ignore employee preferences and input. They leave everything to the IT team.  Usability and adoption questions get brushed aside or forgotten. Instead, technology and functional models are stressed, resulting in a complex, expensive system no one in the field wants to use. This defeats the entire purpose of the project.

Does it make sense to DIY?

So, does it make sense investing your time, energy and resources to develop an in-house solution? Why not leave this task to the pros while you concentrate on your key business, an area where you’re the expert? 

Innovapptive, a mobile-first digital transformation provider, has proven expertise in building and delivering mobile asset management systems.  

Innovapptive’s solutions:
  • Work right out of the box.
  • Have a quick deployment time.
  • Enjoy a near-universal adoption rate.
  • Require no large in-house support staff.
  • Integrate with legacy systems.
  • Are configurable and customizable to your unique needs.
  • Offer easy scalability to grow as your business grows.

If a voice ever urges you to build your own mobile asset management system, do yourself a favor – ignore it. Give Innovapptive a call instead. Schedule a free demo today by calling 844-464-6668 or by clicking here.


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