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Digitizing Oil and Gas Inspection and Operator Rounds with Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds

Digitizing Oil and Gas Inspection and Operator Rounds with Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds

Proper maintenance starts with knowing the current operating condition of assets enterprise-wide, which makes daily operator rounds and inspections critical in any oil and gas facility. Despite operator rounds being a crucial first step in the maintenance process, companies still use legacy systems and paper-based processes. More than two out of every three industrial plants recently surveyed revealed they had no idea when their equipment was due for routine maintenance or upgrades. It’s no surprise that 82% of all plants have suffered at least one unplanned shutdown in the last three years. Information lag and tedious manual processes account for a lot of these incidents.

Digitally transforming the inspection and maintenance process at an oil and gas facility can improve pipeline inspections, operator rounds, and risk assessments. Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds solution offers a robust digital alternative for asset management and maintenance processes.

How Does Innovapptive Mobile Operator Rounds Work?

Innovapptive, a Connected Worker platform provider, believes in getting jobs done better, faster, cheaper, and safer. Mobile Operator Rounds empowers the planner to plan the rounds and the frontline worker to collect key operational, performance, and safety data using mobile devices. The operator can then upload that information immediately into the back-office system and disseminate it to decision-makers for real-time analysis and action on any maintenance or compliance issue. The application delivers a streamlined data collection process and gives technicians and decision-makers greater agility and flexibility to share critical operational information in real-time. The solution digitizes paper forms, boosts collaboration, reduces downtime, and mitigates safety risks.

The solution replaces error-prone paper checklists with an efficient electronic process using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, etc.). Technicians access digital forms on their devices to conduct inspections. Managers can quickly and easily change and customize dynamic digital forms on the fly, unlike paper checklists, to better meet situational needs.

Innovapptive Mobile Operator Rounds: Key Functionalities

Technicians scan equipment barcodes and complete digital forms. They check customized data fields that document present operational status and safety conditions. The inspector can’t advance to the next piece of equipment or location until completing all fields for the current step.

The solution immediately and automatically uploads collected data electronically into the back-office system. Decision-makers can view inspection data in real-time via a mobile device or desktop app and communicate with the technician during the round.

Benefits of Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds

Five crucial areas where Innovapptive’s Digital Mobile Operator Rounds and Mobile Work Order Management can make a significant impact include:

Reduce preventable failures – Monitoring equipment health regularly helps spot potential issues and mitigate risks before they worsen into downtime- causing problems.

Decrease downtime – Downtime represents money not being made, especially in the Oil and Gas sector, where equipment is needed to perform mission-critical tasks. The more responsive and proactive a maintenance department, the less downtime a plant suffers.

Improve productivity – Get more technician wrench time and boost productivity by eliminating time-consuming paperwork.

Cut costs – Maintenance accounts for a significant part of an Oil and Gas plant’s annual budget. A mobile work order management tool can deliver long-term cost savings by enabling proactive rather than reactive maintenance, extending asset lifespans.

Increase safety – Mobile Operator Rounds and Mobile Work Order Management provide a way to identify potential safety hazards during the daily inspection, assess risk, and take timely action before any harm occurs. This reduces the number of incidents, boosts compliance, and increases uptime.

What Makes Innovapptive the Right Choice For Oil and Gas

Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds help oil and gas companies organize, conduct, share and review daily equipment and safety inspections. Mobile Work Order Management lets decision-makers create, issue, track, and complete work orders for a problem found during an operator round. 

These applications give maintenance managers, supervisors, and frontline workers greater flexibility and agility. They can accomplish tasks faster, better, safer, and cheaper than traditional manual processes. Here are the key features that differentiate our Mobile Operator Rounds from other similar apps now on the market. 

Customization – Innovapptive’s solutions rely on the proprietary, patented RACETM (Rapid Application Configuration Engine) platform that enables no-code/low-code customization. Configure applications for site, role, user, and geographies. Quickly respond and adapt to changes, and better align the apps to your unique business requirements.

Integration with ERP systems – Innovapptive’s solutions seamlessly integrate with ERP systems, such as SAP and IBM Maximo. Managers and frontline workers gain quick access to key data and support.

User interface/user experience – Innovapptive’s solutions are intuitive and easy to use, with little training required to be productive. Satisfaction leads to high user adoption rates, resulting in a positive return on investment.

Enterprise-grade security - Encrypted, stateless, single sign-on with consumer-grade experiences such as Face ID and Touch ID keep your data safe and out of the wrong hands.

Online/offline modes – Utilities often operate assets in areas with poor or no Wi-Fi infrastructure. Innovapptive’s solutions have online/offline modes, allowing frontline workers and managers to be productive even when there’s no Wi-Fi signal. Take advantage of rapid synchronization after restoring a connection.

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