Reduce Asset Downtime with Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Provide managers and field technicians with the tools and information they need to safely and efficiently tackle work orders. Innovapptive’s Mobile Work Order Management Software digitizes, optimizes, and shortens your work orders lifecycle.

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Go From Reactive to Proactive with Connected Plant Maintenance

Work order management teams are plagued with administrative inefficiencies, low levels of visibility, and limited collaboration with field technicians. As executives, we expect to see high-functioning facilities, but without automation and mobilization technologies, work order managers are hard-pressed to deliver.

The mWorkOrder mobile app is a part of the work order management software suite. This tool connects back-end work order management with floor- or field-based technicians to streamline how work orders are assigned, tracked, resolved, and reported. With secure access to the full work order scope, technicians can review histories and study asset information to quickly diagnose and repair issues.

  • Mobilize your workforce, automate work order processes, and bridge informational gaps to increase productivity.
  • Bring pinpoint accuracy to maintenance measurements and readings, and extend the life of your mission-critical equipment.
  • Analyze trends and implement proactive maintenance to ensure safety and compliance across the enterprise
  • Develop a repository of accurate performance and business data to identify energy waste and lower operational costs.

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Drive Results with Simplicity and Easy of Use

We believe that simplifying manual processes and clunky SAP screens is integral to user adoption.

Work Online or Offline

Allow remote workers to use mobile devices to enter asset data from the location of the equipment in an offline mode. mWorkOrder can even work in places where Internet access is intermittent or nonexistent - and seamlessly switch between online and offline modes.

Do More with Pictures, Videos and Documents

Easily capture photos, attachments, notes and observations to work orders and notifications. Access PRT documents from your SAP data sources and edit PRT documents.

GIS Integration

Efficient processes and better decision-making through the understanding of location and spatial relationships with geospatial system integration. 

Mobilize Work Order Management.
Maximize Results.

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance backlog
Increase first-time resolution rates and improve workforce safety and productivity to effectively install, maintain, inspect, and repair mission-critical assets.
  • Extend and improve asset life and reliability
Prolong the life of your assets with guided work flows and timely processing of work orders, notification, and asset master data, whether online of offline.
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Ready to Rid your Management of Reworks and Backlogs?

Innovapptive’s Mobile Work Order Management Suite is the key to improving capital asset management and gaining necessary insights to grow your business. Request a demo to learn more!