The concept of EAM has long existed. But it is being redefined and extended with EAM software - enabling management of your company's physical assets in the most efficient and optimal ways possible - with powerful data-centric capabilities that are purpose-built to solve industrial-scale problems.

A successful mobile EAM solution extends the functionality of your classic EAM to the mobile front. It serves as the extension of work processes for maintenance, operations, and repair of physical assets, equipment, buildings, and grounds. A mobile EAM can manage your work order creation (planned, break/fix or service requests) producing strong communications between your mobilized workforce and systems to maintain the organization, facilities, structures, and other assets. By incorporating a mobile application for enterprise asset management, your employees can collect, generate, and analyze all asset-related information in real-time and help to:

  • Predict and Analyze Enterprise Assets Behavior: Avoid unplanned downtime & discover patterns of asset failure while maintaining operational integrity.
  • Share and Collaborate Asset Information: Ensure truth & transparency for assets while avoiding confusion or dependency that could potentially cause delays or production loss.
  • Connect All Assets:  Mobile EAM solutions connect all enterprise assets, consolidating operational and business system information on a mobile platform, leading to a quick resolution of issues.

Most Configurable Mobile Work Order Management Solution Today

Innovapptive’s industry-recognized Mobile Work Order Management solutions - mWorkOrder with RACE™ Dynamic Forms - are the most configurable enterprise-grade SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance solutions on the market.

Innovapptive's mobile EAM solution, mWorkOrder, takes asset-intensive organizations from reactive to proactive in the space of days. You will be able to anticipate and address issues before problems arise. The mobile application helps you extend your assets’ performance, increase workforce productivity, and reduce value chain costs all in one solution.

With Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder you can:

  • Give employees all they need to install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field
  • Capture higher quality real-time data and gain better visibility and improved analytics
  • Keep assets running at peak performance with shorter response times
  • Minimize unplanned downtime, failures and maintenance backlogs
  • Streamline processes by reducing paperwork and cycle time
  • Improve first-time resolution rates and workforce safety

RACE™ Dynamic Forms is the answer to going paperless in the field. The solution is equivalent to electronic versions of paper forms you can carry within a mobile digital platform and gain access to information anytime, anywhere. RACE™ Dynamic Forms make your paper forms digital by recreating them as electronic forms accessible through mobiles, tablets, and web browsers. It truly is revolutionizing field data capture and allowing you to

  • Create and edit your forms with simplicity
  • Swap all your paper-based forms with mobile digital forms in just a few minutes.
  • Build logic by adding a selection of fields of your choice, GPS location, pictures, date, and timestamps and more.
  • Add smart and dynamic fields to modify your forms based on data captured including drop-down menus, expanding and repeating sections, attaching of various documents such as PDF, MS Word, and images as supporting evidence.
  • Develop robust reports and charts with every form to highlight the fields the best fits your role. Provides you the analytics you need at your fingertips for decision-making.

Speak with an Innovapptive Solutions ExpertTo demo Innovapptive’s Mobile Work Order Solutions, select the “Request Live Demo” button. You can also speak with an Innovapptive Solution Expert via phone at (713)275-1804 or via email at

Attending Mastering SAP – EAM in Gold Coast, Australia November 18-22? Innovapptive is the 2018 Innovation Partner! Sri Karthik, Kalyan Vankayalapati, & Richard Sandall are excited to show you Innovapptive 's Mobile Work Order Management Solutions – first hand!

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