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Replacing Error-Prone Paper-Based Processes with Mobile Digital Forms

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Writing and reading on paper might be better for your brain, but certainly not for your business. To stay competitive in the modern era, you need to access data, validate it, use it, and organize it from anywhere in real-time in just a few button clicks. That’s where configurable digital forms come into the picture, replacing error-prone paper-based processes.

How configurable digital forms are better than paper

Configurable digital forms enable you to add any fields you like as per your requirement and to print, email, validate with the aid of a mobile device. A business maintains thousands of forms and front-line workers can fetch a form they are looking for in a few seconds. Your front-line workers, though they don’t have any coding knowledge, can modify forms as per requirements, add calculations, perform auto-fills, integrate GPS, timestamps, barcode captures, and geo-tagging.

These forms are directly connected to your ERP systems, such as SAP and IBM Maximo, and provide you access to real-time information. This real-time information enables you to execute flawless, accurate jobs, eliminating manual data entry and double-work. Let’s see how this will help in different industries:

Oil & gas

  • Field inspectors can reduce filling out a multitude of forms for safety inspections in environmental compliances, permit regulations, maintenance, equipment checks and much more.
  • Reduce incomplete or missing data to restrict halt in production and complete turnaround planning smoothly.
  • Eliminate equipment malfunctions with automatic uploads and corrective actions to keep the pipeline inspections timely without any errors.


  • From safety inspections to backflow device test reports, enhance the field workforce with greater accuracy of data.
  • Share and react to information in real-time, take control of the work orders and notifications to increase productivity.
  • Record logs, service calls, inspection requests, checklists, site visits, repair, and installation forms for measuring performance and work efficiency.
  • Reduce the need for internal IT and administrative resources and speed time across your workforce.


  • Quickly conduct chemical inspections and record maintenance data in real-time from anywhere, anytime.
  • Customize as per your unique business needs, with detailed checklists that your inspectors follow, select status, add comments, images, barcode scanners, digital signatures, etc.
  • Meet safety and health requirements with effective communication. Be informed of where all your workers are and inspect hazardous chemicals in your workplace.
  • Track different details, chemical management, product label information, goods declarations, storage plans and more. Also, quickly review.

Life sciences

  • Streamline the process and accuracy of data capture for mission-critical business operations.
  • Review case reports, site monitoring, event reporting and many more in real-time online or offline.
  • Receive notifications and analyze and engage with wholesalers, hospitals, physicians, and patients, having accurate data in hand.
  • Track the history of any batch or device, including every ingredient or part to accurately trace drugs and devices fast and extract only the affected products.

Innovapptive’s RACETM Dynamic Forms offers hassle-free integration into the back-office systems, including SAP and IBM Maximo. With large volumes of critical data stored securely, it helps you to create and handle multi-page digital forms super quickly.

Want to watch a live customized demo of Innovapptive’s RACETM Dynamic Forms for your business? [Request live demo]

For more information, visit www.innovapptive.com or call 1-844-464-6668 to talk to our experts.

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