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Empower Warehouse Staff with a SAP Mobile Inventory Management Solution

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Empower Warehouse Staff with a SAP Mobile Inventory Management Solution

True empowerment of warehouse staff lies in availability of real-time inventory data that will enable them to make well-informed decisions. Most of the organizations have already invested heavily in ERP systems, such as SAP, that will offer a plethora of value added benefits. Some of the organizations have taken a step ahead and replaced paper trails with siloed mobile inventory and mobile warehouse management solutions.

However, their front-line warehouse workers and their physical operations remain disconnected, taking the long route between the warehouse and back-office as far as data is concerned. These minimalist solutions help little to empower the warehouse personnel as they make almost no difference in three key aspects:

  • Time: They don’t allow front-line workers to upload data in real time and directly into SAP, citing data integrity as a challenge. This results in double the work. 
  • Data accuracy: Conventional practices involve manual tasks, such as documenting serial numbers, which allows errors and accuracies to creep in.
  • Buffer stock estimation: An effective inventory management system should control transfers to limit inventory overstocks or understocks. However, conventional practices don’t allow companies to estimate buffer stocks accurately.

Bridge Gaps with a SAP Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management Solution

Companies are exploring ways to integrate existing SAP systems with commercially viable mobile solutions to handle a plethora of inventory transactions on the fly without users ever needing to access their desktops. A good SAP mobile inventory solution can fit perfectly, seamlessly syncing with the SAP server to retrieve and process transactions to set up a unified communication setup.

What’s the best SAP mobile inventory management solution that we can look for? 

Organizations should invest in a solution that can address multifaceted requirements within SCM and Logistics.

Innovapptive’s Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management Solution

Innovapptive’s mobile inventory management solution – mInventory – addresses the unique requirements of industrial plants. mInventory connects the unconnected – front-line warehouse workers. It offers a seamless, intuitive and an enriching inventory management experience via mobile device and supports SAP modules such as Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Key mInventory Differentiators and Value Drivers

  1. Powered by the patented Rapid App Configuration Engine (RACETM) - mInventory provides the flexibility to help you accomplish unlimited customizations with simple SAP configurations. Whether you want to add/remove new fields, modules or even change the business logic, you can easily accomplish using our proprietary product - Rapid App Configuration Engine (RACETM). You needn’t change a bit of the code; no need to hire a costly Mobile UI/UX designer, or iOS, Android or Appcelerator developer. This makes the actual cost of ownership of mInventory less than other solutions.
  2. Conversational Operations - mInventory delivers handy capabilities such as hands-free operations. The mobile inventory and warehouse management solution can be integrated with wearable devices, including smart glasses and smart watches that enables warehouse staffers to execute warehouse management jobs using voice commands.
  3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability - mInventory fully supports Optical Character Reader (OCR). This feature intuitively performs field mapping, collects data and enables you to create your own OCR use case(s) on the fly. OCR allows you to scan text and get it automatically populated into data fields. This eliminates manual data entry, saving time and nullifying data entry errors. The OCR field type is RACE-configurable and works in both online and offline modes for goods receiving, goods issue, cycle counting and stock overview.
  4. Integrate with ruggedized peripherals - mInventory can easily be integrated into a variety of ruggedized barcode and QR code scanners, including:
    • Cognex MX-1502 Vision-Enabled Mobile Terminal
    • Honeywell Dolphin CT50 Handheld Computer
    • Zebra TC70/75 Touch Computer
    • Zebra TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer
    • Zebra MC3200 Handheld Computer
    • Honeywell Captuvo SL42 Enterprise Sled for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
    • Honeywell Captuvo SL62 Enterprise Sled for iPad Mini
    • Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro 7
    • Honeywell Granit 1981i Industrial
    • Full-Range Scanner (Long Range)
    • Zebra 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners
    • SocketScan™ S800

mInventory Business Benefits

  • Perform physical and cycle counts quickly, and achieve 98 percent accuracy of inventory levels.
  • Streamline inventory cycle counting and reduce number of FTEs for cycle counting.
  • Speed up receipt and back-order reporting to and from shipping/receiving by more than 35%.
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by 5 percent to 10 percent.
  • Manage physical inventory movement in real time and improve inventory accuracy by 30 percent.
  • Eliminate investments in expensive RFID guns and consoles to tighten your supply chain, service responses and order fulfillment.
  • Streamline goods receipts, issues, transfers and returns.
  • Streamline data processing on receivables.
  • Manage rolling inventories, satellite storerooms and truck/trunk stock.

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Innovapptive – a Connected Worker Platform provider – has a simple mission: “Connect and create conversations between people, machinery and work processes while improving people’s lives.” Innovapptive offers the only Connected Worker Platform that digitizes the last mile of your front-line workers into SAP and IBM (watch a short video here). We’d like to show how our Connected Worker Platform and mInventory can help you successfully start and complete your journey to more efficient, safe and productive warehouse operations. Schedule a free demo today by calling 844-464-6668 or or by clicking here.

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