Analytics & DashboardsAccess to the Right Data to Make Meaningful Decisions

Today's competitive environment demands visibility across your entire maintenance organization. Achieve your goals with powerful insights to make decisions that align with safety and compliance priorities to keep all stakeholders happy.

A Powerful Tool for Metrics that Matter

You can only improve what you measure. Tracking maintenance metrics is a vital component of achieving world-class maintenance in your organization. The Analytics and Dashboards in Innovapptive applications present a clean view of which assets have work orders assigned to them that are closed, in progress, on hold, and open.

As organizations mature in how they manage assets, this data is invaluable in helping them uncover opportunities to improve process efficiencies and increase their return on assets. Management teams need to be able to run extended and enhanced analytics so that they can gain the right insights to make smarter decisions and operational improvements.

Innovapptive's Connected Workforce Platform gives you a clearer understanding and greater confidence in seizing new opportunities based on your EAM data. It's now easier to monitor the health of your organization and make smarter decisions.

Measure Asset Effectiveness and
Predict Future Performance

The financial impact of unexpected equipment failure can be costly. Given the obvious imperative for better reliability, what metrics should the corporate reliability professional review to drive improved performance? Here are the Top 6 metrics that matter - 

  • Maintenance cost per unit of production
  • Preventive maintenance compliance
  • Planned versus unplanned maintenance
  • OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) or availability
  • Backlog of work orders in man weeks
  • Schedule compliance

Create Your Own KPIs and Dashboards to Help With

  • Benchmarking
  • Organizational Trends
  • Real-time supply information
  • Many other critical factors for your business processes

Ready to Up the Ante on Maintenance KPIs?

Innovapptive mobile finance application paired with SAP Finance and fixed asset inventory solutions will give you total visibility over your most important investments. Request a demo to learn more!