The Power of Proactive Maintenance in the Palm of Your Hand

Innovapptive offers a highly configurable, SAP® Certified monitoring application that detects potential equipment failures before they happen. With real-time visibility into plant operations, leadership teams can finally be proactive about their equipment management approach.

Accelerate Maintenance Operations and Improve Regulatory Compliance

Equipment failures and unplanned downtime can have a devastating impact on safety, productivity, and profitability. Unfortunately, many plants still find themselves stuck in the break-fix cycle and use their resources to react to issues instead of preventing them.  

Innovapptive connects the field or floor with back-office systems to streamline the flow of data. The tool conditionally monitors your equipment and assets and shares performance data with maintenance managers to support proactivity. As real-time data streams through the application, maintenance engineers can better maintain equipment and quickly identify issues or potential failures.

By equipping maintenance management teams with mobile operator rounds technology, executives can use real-time performance data to better understand the value of their asset investments, energy utilization, cost savings opportunities, and other trends that impact operational costs and profitability.

Helping Your Front Line Manage Your Bottom Line

Achieve reliable, safe and profitable operations by accelerating and sustaining mainstream process improvements and improving regulatory compliance.

Greater Process Reliability and Asset Effectiveness

Empowering field workers to be part of the reliability solutions helps drive collective behavior and a culture of asset ownership between operations and maintenance. Equipment condition data such as vibration or temperature can be easily collected by field operators using a mobile solution as they do their regular operating rounds. Stranded or non-instrumented plant assets can now be efficiently monitored.

Respond Faster And Improve Your Competitiveness

As conditions change, the highly configurable mobile framework can also deliver mobile rounds and procedures directly from a wide range of systems. The mobile worker then executes these specific tasks and forwards any collected data information back to the back-end system. Legacy plant systems such as historians, LIMS systems, MES systems and CMMS/EAM systems can now incorporate mobile task execution and field data collection, delivering higher value and better data quality.

Enforce Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures or best practices are only meaningful if they are consistently and broadly applied across an enterprise. The Innovapptive solution for Operator Rounds presents maintenance tasks to mobile workers and each step can be tracked to ensure compliance and accountability. This is particularly useful for those assets which you must be serviced at regular intervals. With access to the right documentation, you can furnish proof of service or usage values for the asset.

Mobilize Your Workforce. Maximize Asset Health.

  • Reduce Downtime by 20%
  • Increase Operator Efficiency by 30%
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs by 25%
  • Increase Equipment Availability by 50%
  • Reduce Breakdowns by 50%

Be Proactive About Your Mission-Critical Equipment

Innovapptive’s mobile operator rounds solution delivers clarity and simplicity to your asset management and maintenance processes. Request a demo today!