Mobile PO and PR Release

Mobile SAP purchase order and purchase requisition release

The SAP PO or PR release strategy plays an important role in controlling budgets to avoid unnecessary expenditure and provides optimization of stock levels. The multi-level PO and PR release strategy provides a foolproof control mechanism to achieve this. On the flip side, as the numbers for the release of purchase orders or requisitions increases, the overall time required for releasing them also substantially increases. The need to travel, meet vendors, and be out of the office keeps purchase professionals offline from their ERP systems. The need for a handy mobile application that enables purchase professionals to ensure quick and effective PO or PR release process is increasing rapidly.

The Innovapptive’s SAP certified mobile purchase order and purchase requisition release (mRelease) solution is a ready-to-run application that integrates your back-end SAP systems with your field across multiple channels. The solution leverages native capabilities of smartphones to resolve critical business pain points and eliminates the inefficiency in the procurement process allowing employees to release and approve POs and PRs anywhere and anytime. This is a light-weight and simple to use tool that will help many SAP customers to streamline their processes, thereby saving their precious time and resources. It’s economical to run, easy to implement and provides a fast and an efficient user interface for mobile devices with screens of almost any size.

The mRelease mobile app speeds up approval time and eliminates costly delays in the procurement process by reducing the time spent waiting for purchasing decisions to be made.

Managers and buyers are able to make purchasing decisions on the spot, without requiring access to a computer. They no longer need to spend time on purchase order or requisition approval and instead can get on with running the business.

The mRelease mobile app is developed on a framework that is designed with mobile devices in mind. The smart, adaptable and customizable user interface platform is easy to view and use from a mobile phone or tablet. The app is supported on a wide range of popular mobile device platforms including iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

The mRelease mobile app has low initial and ongoing costs especially when compared withother purchase order or requisition approval mobility products, allowing customers to realize RoI much sooner. This mobile app enhances efficiency for purchasing staff, which can have an effect on the workflow all the way down the supply chain. Goods and services can be procured faster and hence projects can be completed sooner.

Key features and value drivers

  • Search unreleased POs and PRs- Search unreleased POs and PRs, based on several search parameters
  • Customizable Header and Line display - Navigate through header and items details of unreleased purchase requisitions and purchase orders; add custom fields based on your business requirements.
  • Review release strategy - Review purchase requisition and purchase order detailed release strategy, release levels and release codes
  • Collective release - Select multiple PO's or PR's and release or reject them with a single click
  • Custom branding - Incorporate your corporate color themes and branding elements

Business benefits

  • Faster response on PO and PR release
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Avoid delays in inventory and asset receipts
  • Monitor PO and PR release process through all levels of release
  • Faster decision making for purchase professionals