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Mobile Work Order Management Transforms Maintenance for CBH Group

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Mobile Work Order Management Transforms Maintenance for CBH Group

Thirty thousand work orders is a lot of paper.

That’s how much CBH Group produced in a single year while dispatching maintenance technicians to remote locations across Western Australia. Their paper-based maintenance processes led to a lag time in the EAM data stored in SAP as technicians had to travel back to the office to enter the notes from each paper work order.

These issues illustrate why updating a single source of truth, like an ERP system, in real-time is crucial for asset-intensive companies like CBH. It’s almost impossible to establish cross-team collaboration and make informed decisions to achieve operational efficiency with a paper-based system.

While back-office staff have long enjoyed the benefits of digital transformation, their colleagues in the field have been sidelined from the digital ecosystems. They still carry printed work orders and manuals on top of heavy toolkits to the site. They need to carefully handle (and not misplace!) paperwork until the data is updated into the ERP systems at the back-office.

These challenges are an opportunity for growth using mature digital technologies like Innovapptive’s  mobile work order management solution.

How CBH Group Transformed Maintenance with mWorkOrder

CBH Group, a major Australian agricultural co-op, handles more than 90% of Western Australia’s grain harvest across 200 sites. Their maintenance teams execute more than 30,000 work orders annually in remote locations where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable. The combination of paper work orders and remote locations meant technicians could sometimes spend more time travelling and handling paperwork than working on equipment.

CBH surveyed its frontline workers in a bid to find a better way to manage work orders. Only 27% reported they were comfortable with SAP and half said they were spending more than 3 hours a week on data entry.

If CBH made SAP more user-friendly and eliminated paper in the process, it could significantly boost data quality and increase operational efficiency. Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder turned out to be the perfect mobile solution to optimize their maintenance practices. 

You can learn more about what going paperless with a user-friendly mobile app did for this Australian company in our latest case study, CBH Group’s Digital Transformation Journey Using mWorkOrder.

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