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Why Chemical Plants Need Mobile Work Order Management and Digital Operator Rounds

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Why Chemical Plants Need Mobile Work Order Management and Digital Operator Rounds

Chemical plants are, by their very nature, dangerous places. Hazards abound around every corner. It’s no surprise that chemical plant managers and operators place a high priority on safety. Their jobs not only depend upon it, but in the event of an emergency, so may their health and lives.

Prudent chemical plants conduct daily safety and operational inspections but many plants still rely on a traditional, paper-based process. Paper forms and checklists don’t provide the real-time, accurate information decision makers need to take quick remedial action when safety or equipment maintenance problems are discovered. 

Instead, chemical plant maintenance and safety managers must wait for the paper forms and checklists to work their way through the system and be manually inputted into the back-office system of record, such as SAP or IBM Maximo. That delay represents valuable time for action lost. It also increases safety risks and the possibility of costly production downtime.


Traditional methods are simply no longer up to the challenges. Paper checklists result in missing data and paper work order management processes dilute wrench time and waste resources, particularly in an emergency, when time and resources matter most.


Mobile technology provides a new way to conduct chemical plant operator rounds and manage maintenance work orders. Instead of clumsy clipboards and heavy binders that frontline workers have to carry everywhere, they can perform duties digitally on smartphones, tablets and wearables. A digital operator rounds and mobile work order management solution empowers your team to discover new operational, maintenance and safety benefits from these new digital tools.


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