Enhance Productivity with Mobile Field Service Management Technology

mServiceOrder is a highly configurable, SAP® Certified mobile field service application that automates manual processes and creates closed-loop data sharing between back-office systems, field service management, and field technicians.

Knowledge is Power When Placed in the Right Hands

Paper-dependent processes waste an incredible amount of time and money. Without access to relevant work order information, field technicians are left waiting for confirmations, parts and product availability, billing approvals, and more. Likewise, field service managers often find themselves in the dark regarding technician availability and field service progress.

mServiceOrder enhances connectivity and data sharing between field technicians and back-office support. Accelerate response times, support faster diagnostics, and resolve service orders in record time, every time. As technicians leverage online or offline mobile capabilities to work quickly through orders, management teams gain real-time visibility into a technicians progress, availability, and location.

Use the mServiceOrder mobile field service management app to:

  • Ensure SLA compliance and resolve service orders on the first visit.
  • Decrease administrative overhead costs and build a knowledge base that can drive business decisions.
  • Most importantly — use field service and mobile workforce management tools to exceed customer expectations.

Streamline Field Service Management

To ensure a service experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations, mServiceOrder provides functionality to assist with the entire field work cycle.

Streamline and Shorten the Work Lifecycle

Enable quick response to service calls by receiving work orders or inspection orders directly on the mobile device. Automate processes to help eliminate manual tasks, redundant data entry, and unnecessary paperwork.

Adapt the Mobile Environment to the Business Needs

Configure the mobile solution to use predefined business rules and forms. Connect to your SAP enterprise data sources through a seamless and configurable end-user interface.

Capture and Collaborate Service Technician Knowledge

Build a knowledge base by ensuring historical work information and know how does not escape the organization by recording all events and work tasks at the point of activity.

Seamless Offline Synchronization

With the market's leading mobile synchronization capabilities, our mServiceOrder keeps technicians and engineers productive with just the right amount and type of data to complete a full service order process from time and materials lookups, entry, signature capture, and service report creation.

Mobilize Your Field Services. Maximize Results.

  • Mobilize your field services in 6 weeks.
  • Enhance labor productivity by 50%.
  • Reduce maintenance backlogs by up to 60%.

Ready for Faster & Smarter Field Service Performance?

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