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Equipment Dashboard: Actionable Asset Data for Optimal Plant Maintenance Management

Proactive Plant Maintenance through Mobile Work Order Management.
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Equipment Dashboard: Actionable Asset Data for Optimal Plant Maintenance Management

Quality of equipment data has improved as industries transitioned from using FAT files to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions like IBM Maximo. However, this transition did not solve data accessibility challenges for frontline workers and maintenance planners and schedulers. There’s an opportunity to increase optimization of plant maintenance management, and boost productivity and profitability.

ERP and EAM systems are often confined to the back-office alone, leaving frontline workforces with paper binders. Accessing asset data in bits and pieces leads to uninformed decisions, poor maintenance planning and scheduling, and ineffective execution.


Innovapptive’s mobile maintenance management solution features a comprehensive asset dashboard to help frontline workers and maintenance managers access complete asset information with a quick mobile scan. The information includes asset description, location, warranty, equipment hierarchy, manufacturer details, maintenance history (breakdowns, work orders and notifications) and scheduled tasks. 

Easy access to critical equipment data helps technicians and maintenance managers make better decisions on the shop floor. The dashboard provides analytical information such as mean time to repair (MTTR) and mean time between failure (MTBF) and helps companies optimize their maintenance programs.


Thriving in the Great Crew Change

Workforce attrition in asset-intensive industries is a major challenge. Most frontline technicians are nearing retirement and millennials and Gen Z are entering the workforce in large numbers. A phenomenon called the Great Crew Change. The young technicians face a knowledge and skills gap as conventional paper-based processes did not capture valuable tribal knowledge of experienced frontline workers.

Innovapptive’s mobile maintenance management solution gets integrated with SAP PM and IBM Maximo, and bridges data gaps in industrial environments. Operators, inspectors, maintenance technicians and managers can update real-time asset information through their mobile devices with a simple user interface (UI). This eliminates duplication of work, data losses and human errors, increasing quality of asset data. The asset dashboard turns the data into usable information and helps young technicians stay informed.

While using paper-based processes, maintenance teams spend most of their time on documentation and traveling between the shop floor and control room carrying documents. Shortfalls in these practices lead to data inaccuracies and maintenance inefficiencies, resulting in unplanned shutdowns and productivity losses. 

A study reveals that over a third of all accidents in companies were due to equipment failures, stemming from ineffective maintenance practices. Innovapptive’s mobile maintenance management solution, equipped with a comprehensive asset dashboard, preserves each piece of critical information and makes it available for maintenance teams in real-time. This helps optimize plant maintenance through better planning, scheduling and resource allocation.

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