With more than 20 million Field Technicians around the world, the Field Service industry is a giant and growing stronger every day. Billions of dollars are spent on technology geared to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and generate profit and revenues; emerging technologies are poised to revolutionize just about every aspect of modern life. 76% of today’s leaders are investing in next-gen technologies and are quickly realizing that the right technology separates digital leaders from the remaining 97%.

The TOP 4 emerging technologies to look out for in field service are wearable devices, IoT (Internet of Things), drones, and mobility. The use of these evolutionary technologies is contributing to increasing margins, improving customer loyalty and, most importantly, generating revenue for all organizations.

#1 Mobility

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As the field service industry experiences massive growth, companies are taking advantage of emerging technologies to transition from manual, time-consuming service operations while preserving legacy information. Mobile access to business data eliminates mountains of paper from inspection and maintenance functions and can be utilized in completing more critical tasks. The ability to access information from anywhere, anytime with technology equipped devices allows your workers to free up time and improve efforts, thus show a positive impact on revenue for the organization.

With mobility, supervisors and managers have more visibility into the real-time status of notifications and work orders to better monitor service and productivity levels of individuals. The full potential of the workforce can only be realized when they have enough information to appropriately perform their tasks.

Having mobile solutions in place, organizations can provide field service technicians/engineers with intuitive and seamless user experiences and improve user adoption. Mobile solutions not only optimize time and effort and shorten response times, but they also enrich decision making for the field workers. Enterprise-grade mobile solutions empower field workers with features such as mobile GIS feature which can be used by technicians to locate individual inspection points and identify the shortest routes with turn by turn navigation.

#2 Drones

Drones are becoming a critical necessity to gain a competitive advantage over those who resist such changes in specific field tasks. Oftentimes, field service technicians need to go far into the field to fix issues or respond to service calls on equipment. Drones are used by pipeline operators to map pipelines and survey lines as well as a right of way monitoring, etc. They are extremely useful in hard-to-reach/remote places and areas affected by natural disasters. In such conditions, a drone can be sent to predict potential safety hazards before sending technicians on-site.

Field visits are costly, whether they are scheduled inspections or alarm responses. With the use of drones equipped with small cameras, workers can search for problems while the stack is still operating to determine what needs to be fixed before shutting down operations.

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#3 Wearables:

It is not surprising to say that the efficiency of wearables is the most considerable impact in field service. Wearables are widely used throughout the industry to improve and capture connected data (i.e. location information, product data, stock/inventory), which can be labor-intensive to track.

Whether smart glasses or head-mounted tablet (HMT), wearables have many benefits for field service. They provide cost savings and enhanced customer experiences by empowering field service technicians to fix issues faster. Wearables increase employees’ productivity and enable them to perform transactions hands-free. Employees can interact with rich data, audio, video, visual displays, and more — all while freely roaming in the field or their workstation.

#4 IoT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the field service industry in ways that were not foreseen a few years ago. IoT is [expected] to comprise of 30 billion devices by 2020. In today’s highly competitive market, the incorporation of smart technology and connected products is immensely important to field service companies. As the field service industry revolves around monitoring assets for damage or performance issues and needs to react quickly to rectify issues, IoT-connected devices allow companies to quickly track/locate, monitor/maintain assets via real-time alerts and sensors. Companies can find bottom-line value from IoT devices and services, but this will only occur when their IoT devices seamlessly interact with SAP back-end systems which will improve overall asset utilization.

Innovapptive Emerges with Technology Solutions

Innovapptive understands the importance of incorporating emerging technologies into your enterprise solutions. We offer highly configurable cloud-based enterprise mobile solutions for Field Service Operations, Supply Chain, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Our solutions support emerging technology (i.e. wearable, Drone, IoT). Integration with wearable devices enables users to create work orders/notification, release work orders and/or confirm operations flawlessly using wearable devices on Android platforms. Drone-support for our suite of Mobile Workforce Management Solutions allows service technicians to efficiently and safely complete inspections without requiring additional software.

If you would like a demo of Innovapptive’s solution, please click on the link. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss with an Innovapptive solution expert, you can reach out to us by emailing us at sales@innovapptive.com or via phone at (713) 275-1804.


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