Innovapptive IT Staffing Services – Industry Trends and Strategies

The technology staffing industry works in a complex and a dynamic environment and is no longer confined to the operational realms of replacing absentee workers with temporary ones. It has evolved as a strategic partner for clients by providing a broad spectrum of employment solutions and services.

According to Goldhaber Research Group Prepared for Staffing 360 Solutions Inc:
Globally, staffing companies generate […]

Innovapptive now offers open API’s for Enterprise Mobility Platform

Innovapptive’s Mobile Application Management (MAM) Solution – mPower™ App store, Now offers open API’s for Enterprise Mobility Platform

Innovapptive’s mobile application management (MAM) solution is a cloud based comprehensive mobile application management (MAM) solution that allows enterprises to seamlessly distribute, manage and deploy enterprise applications to accelerate adoption and maximize mobile investments. The cloud based solution provides customers a self-service model […]

SAP Syclo Inventory Manager RDS Implementation

SAP Syclo Inventory Manager RDS Implementation for a Leading Global Chemicals Company with Motorola MC9090 Rugged Handheld Devices
Traditional ERP systems were designed and built for office workers that have access to a desktop. However, within several industries, majority of their workforce are situationally away from desktops and carry out company critical tasks away from a desktop – Sales, Field Services, […]

Rapid Deployment Solution of SAP Mobile Platform is as easy as Start, Deploy & Run

Transforming the way we work through mobility helps innovating new business opportunities which increase company’s revenue. A Smartphone’s capability of accessibility to data from anywhere anytime enables faster decision making. The ease of connecting helps in increasing the productive time and efficiency of the employees. Employees interact better by answering customer’s queries and solving issues from wherever they are. This […]

Educated Enterprise Mobility Initiatives

Educated Enterprise Mobility Initiatives: Your first step towards unwiring your workplace.

Enterprise Mobility is not new; it has been around for many years in one form or another. There are plenty of early adopters out there and experienced exponents will tell you that Enterprise Mobility is more than just software and hardware. Enterprise Mobility is a journey undertaken by business to […]

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 – New Features

The acquisitions of Sybase and Syclo has gradually expanded SAP’s mobility platform. The three solutions work on different development platforms. SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is a merger of the three approaches on the basis of open standards, thereby enabling organizations to develop, launch and manage a mobile solution that works both on a tablet and a smart phone.

Sybase Unwired Platform […]

SAP Work Manager Rapid Deployment Solutions

Mobilize your work force & field services with SAP Work Manager Rapid Deployment Solutions

Why SAP Work Manager for Industries
In a demanding world, improving productivity by improving performance of work force is important. Field workers work in varied work environments which many times are remotely located. Most of the Industrial assets are distributed across large areas and distant geographical locations . […]

Mobile User Experience – The key to Enterprise Mobility adoption

What makes mobile games adopted and explored more and why? The immense ‘Delight’ they create, highest user expectation and joy being the reason. Irrelevant about the age group, everyone finds delight in certain sites like Face book, Twitter and iTunes. All these products create delight along with fulfilling the requirement of the user. We find a front end integrated with […]

Strategic Planning for Enterprise Mobility

We see the adoption of laptops, smart phones into enterprises where the devices have become more an office requirement rather than a mere device. Making tangible business benefits through any technology making secure information accessibility from anywhere, anytime is industry adopted. Significant numbers of organizations show inclination towards implementing mobiles for data usage with emerging mobile applications. The major reason […]

Innovapptive Partners with SAP to Deliver Top Quality Enterprise Mobile Products – The mPower™ Apps Suite & Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)

Innovapptive Inc. is a leading SAP certified mobile application development and services partner, with global reach. The company provides end-to-end SAP mobile solutions through a wide range of pre-packaged enterprise mobile products and flexible and agile delivery models. Innovapptive’s core product offering is the mPower™ AppSuite and it’s partnership with SAP to ensure all pre-packaged mobile apps complete a rigorous […]