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Innovapptive is an industry leader in enterprise mobility and mobile enterprise applications. The webinars below will afford insight and useful, applicable knowledge around enterprise mobile solutions for SAP. Discover best practices in enterprise mobility and how our award-winning mPower™ Mobile portfolio can accelerate your enterprise mobile application initiatives.

Field Data Collection Simplified with RACE™ Dynamic Forms

Featured Speakers -
Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development & Value Engineering, Innovapptive Inc

With the benefits of going paperless, using digital forms has become a rampant phenomenon. An electronic version of a paper form, that can provide access to every form from anywhere, anytime. Eliminating the stacks of paper and pre-printed forms, helps you save time and money. RACE™ Dynamic Forms is the solution to help you build robust mobile forms that will revolutionize your field data capture. Whether the objective is to improve productivity, increase visibility into operations, save time and gain data accuracy.

Enterprise Mobility Instant ROI from SAP-GIS Integration

Featured Speakers -
Ty van den Akker - Integrated GIS Products at Critigen
Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development & Value Engineering, Innovapptive Inc

Field teams engaged in inspection, maintenance or management of assets distributed over a large area see significant benefits from integration of GIS mapping into their mobile tools. Benefits include reduced data entry time, improved accuracy of entry, and more efficient location of needed assets. The webinar helps you to learn how Critigen and Innovapptive have teamed to bring rich GIS data and map functionality to Innoovapptive mWorkOrder for both online and offline use

Streamline Self-service Procurement & Eliminate Non-Compliance with a Mobile Shopping and Approval Solution

Featured Speakers -
Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development & Value Engineering, Innovapptive Inc

Do your employees in the field have the ability to raise a self-service requisition anywhere, anytime? Do your field employees choose the least path of resistance by consistently ordering goods and services over the phone and delaying the creation of a purchase requisition? This non-conformance with standard purchasing processes has a significant impact on opportunities to save costs and increases the risk of non-compliance pertaining to procurement

Integrating SAP - ESRI GIS to Support Your Enterprise Mobile ROI and optimize your field service performance

Featured Speakers -
Ty van den Akker - Critigen Lemur™ Product Manager, Critigen
Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development & Marketing, Innovapptive Inc

The demand for Geospatial Intelligence is shifting from IT-centered platforms and specialized tools, to modern line of business focused solutions. Cloud, open source, mobility, and big data have disrupted and enhanced the GIS experience.

Watch this webinar for a LIVE demo of the Critigen Lemur™ solution with real-time and direct integration into SAP ERP. Our speakers Ty van den Akker - Integrated GIS Products at Critigen and Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development and Solution Engineering will paint a picture for GIS and SAP stakeholders, how enterprises can succeed in using real-time data from SAP and GIS to streamline business processes.

Mobile Asset Management - Instant ROI with Fully Configurable, Quickly Deployable and High Performance Mobile Work Order Solution

Featured Speakers -
Sri Karthik - SVP, Sales & Marketing, Innovapptive Inc.
Sven Bergstrom - Global VP of Sales, Innovapptive Inc

Innovapptive’s Mobile EAM portfolio comes built-in with a configuration toolkit called RACE™ (Rapid App Configurator Engine) that empowers IT teams to configure our mobile solutions to fit your business’ processes. Join us on this webinar to learn how you can see instant value with your Mobile EAM deployment like -

OnDemand Webinar: Create Enterprise Mobile Apps with Simplicity to Drive Immediate Business Value

Featured Speakers -
Sundeep V. Ravande - President & Co-Founder, Innovapptive Inc
Sri Karthik - Senior Vice President, Innovapptive Inc

Explosive growth in mobile app adoption continues in every industry, across every line of business and the consumer sector. To manage this growing demand, businesses need to quickly and efficiently create and deploy mobile applications that deliver significant value back to the business. We’ve entered the age of rapid mobile app development (RMAD) in which business users can leverage code-less configuration tools, business process mapping and simple drag and drop capabilities to deliver apps out the business users.

AT&T Webinar – Leveraging Partners to Accelerate Mobile Application Development

Speakers -
Scott Carter - Senior Enterprise Mobility Strategist and Architect
Sri Karthik - Senior Vice President, Innovapptive

While IDC predicts that there will be 3.7 billion mobile enabled workers worldwide by 2018*, IT shops are still in the nascent stages of developing an enterprise framework to support strategic mobile application development. In fact, skyrocketing demand for intuitive workforce applications is already pushing IT to capacity and many organizations cannot keep up, particularly for apps that extend enterprise systems such as SAP. This webinar will explore how companies can get ahead of the mobile application development curve by adopting a mixed-source approach that leverages an ecosystem of partners and support services. Join our experts to hear tactical advice on how to scale your application development framework to meet demand

Oil and Gas Webinar – Solve Complex Challenges with Simple Mobile Applications

Speakers -
Sundeep V. Ravande - President & Co-Founder, Innovapptive Inc
Michael Bain - Global Director, HANA Cloud Platform, Channels, SAP SE

Mobility has become an enterprise requirement for the oil and gas sector. The industry is keeping pace with the rest of the business world in its quest for productivity through connectivity, and many companies are going full steam ahead with mobility rollouts, even in times of low oil price.

Join this webinar to learn about different ways in which mobility can benefit your organization, while keeping your cost low.

Learn How Amgen is Simplifying Their User Access Request and Universal Approval Process with SAP Fiori

Featured Speakers -
Ralph Kuhlmeier - Manager, Global ERP Integration Manager, Amgen
Sundeep Ravande - President & Co-Founder, Innovapptive Inc.
Manoj Kumar - Practice Leader, Security, Innovapptive Inc.
Thorsten Leiduck - Vice President, ISV & Digital Commerce, SAP SE

Learn how Amgen is turning challenges into opportunities, by leveraging SAP Fiori user experience and simplifying their user access request and approval process. Amgen’s user access request application from SAP is used by thousands of employees worldwide and they were looking to simplify the access request process by creating a wizard style requesting tool, that will allow employees to easily navigate and identify the most relevant and appropriate SAP roles.

Watch this webinar to learn about the challenges Amgen faced, the various user experience platforms and technologies that they evaluated and how Innovapptive assisted their journey to overcome these challenges with SAP Fiori.

Accelerate time to market and reduce SAP mobile deployment and support costs by over 70%

Speakers -
Chad Wyckoff - Senior Enterprise Mobility Strategist and Architect, Forest City Enterprises
Hari Kamineni - CEO & Co-Founder Innovapptive Inc.
Sundeep V. Ravande - President & Co-Founder Innovapptive Inc.
Thorsten Leiduck - VP ISV & Digital Commerce SAP GPO

The demand for enterprise mobile apps for diverse LOBs is exponentially rising, but IT departments are often unable to meet this dramatic increase in demand and are faced with daunting challenges to accelerate their time to market.

Increase employee productivity and corporate-wide profitability with Mobile Solutions from Innovapptive

Speakers -
Thorsten Leiduck - Vice President, ISV & Digital Commerce, SAP SE
Sundeep Ravande - President & Co-Founder, Innovapptive Inc.

By utilizing SAP Mobile Platform and prepackaged SAP-certified mobile apps, you can rapidly take your enterprise mobile to drive an average 42% increase in employee productivity and 35% increase in sales revenue. Join this Webinar to learn how mobile solutions from Innovapptive are helping SAP customers to rapidly transform their enterprises to gain a competitive advantage.

Migrate MBO Apps from Sybase Unwired Platform to OData on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Service

Featured Speakers
Scott Harrison - Sr. Director Americas's ISV Partner Edge for Application Development Partner
Hari P. Kamineni - Products & Innovations Leader, Innovapptive Inc

This webinar, presented by Innovapptive, attempts to address issues and focuses on the primary steps to migrate from SUP MBO based apps to SMP 3.0 OData based apps. This session explores the capabilities of HCPms and its key takeaways to get started with the technological paradigms associated with SUP MBO data migration. It also covers the various migration strategies and the conversion stages to help you get started with the migration process.